Host Guide for Zoom + Hubilo Streaming

Steps to set up the session & configure them with host ID are as follows:


Step 1: Open Hubilo Dashboard > Go to Sessions > Select 'Edit' > Go to Stream Options

Step 2: Select Hubilo Streaming > Select Zoom

Step 3: Select the Host ID which would be starting the particular session


Note: Once the mapping is done, please do not change any setting, content, or timings for the sessions, if there’s any change, immediately inform your CSM at Hubilo.

We recommend not to change the host when the session is ongoing.


Steps to Login to your Event are as follows:


Step 1: In order to login to the event page, open the event link & use the email address on which the host license is assigned


Step 2: Enter the email address & log in with the code


Step 3: Kindly enter and proceed to the agenda page


Step 4: Please ensure to login to the zoom dashboard as well with the same Host Id then close the tab

How to Login to your Event

  • In order to log in to the event page, open the event link & use the email address on which the host license is assigned.

  • Enter the email address & log in.

  • Proceed to the agenda page.

  • Please ensure to login to the zoom dashboard as well with the same Host ID

    then close the tab

How to begin your Session?

  • On the Agenda find the session you need to host

  • Click on the “Start the session” button

  • A new page will open up > Click on Open Zoom App
    (Disable the Popup blocker, if Zoom doesn’t open)

  • When the Speaker has joined the session, you need to Admit him/her from the Lobby to the Zoom meeting

  • Once the speaker has joined, you can perform the AV checks. The attendees will not yet be able to see the session.

  • Click on More > Live Stream > Select Live on Custom Live streaming Service (Last option) and then the attendees will be able to view the session on web-app


(Once streaming is On, you will be able to see a LIVE icon on Zoom window)

  • Recording would start automatically as soon as the Host would enable the Live Streaming.

  • The speaker can start with the session & presentation and you can mute yourself and turn off your webcam

How to engage with participants via Q&A or Chat?

  • Keep the event web-app open on the browser tab and click on the moderate icon on the session you are hosting, to see the Q&A, inform the same to the speaker if they want to answer any.

  • When the session is done and the Q & A is done, Stop the Live stream and End the session


    Important Points:

    1. Ensure to login with Host Id on the event page and on the same system/browser ensure to login to the zoom dashboard with the same host id as well then close the tab

    2. Always start the session 15 min before so that the speakers can join in.

    3. Always enable the live streaming on zoom 3-4 minutes before the actual start time of the session. Doing so helps in the attendee viewing experience, as when the attendee will join, for them it won’t be a blank screen, for the live stream would be enabled.

    4. Host or speaker cannot post questions - they can only answer the posted questions.

    5. During this time you can have a presentation slide on display and keep yourself on mute and then once session time starts – you can begin with your presentation.

    6. To show multiple speakers on the same screen – ensure to enable their camera and click on gallery mode on zoom

    7. Ensure to have a good and stable internet connectivity

    8. Zoom app for PC/Mac is mandatory for Host & speakers

    9. If a speaker is having an issue with joining in via Hubilo – Host can copy the invite link from zoom and share the same with the respective speaker.

    10. Don't do any changes on the Zoom dashboard, it might impact our session streaming configuration.