What is the Recordings section?

Hubilo provides recording options wherein the video file will be available on the dashboard, which can be downloaded as mp4 or used as on-demand content on events.

Recording Option is supported in:

  • Live Sessions with Hubilo Streaming:
    Hubilo Broadcasting Stuido
    Zoom Meeting + Hubilo
    External Encoder

  • Rooms

Session: If you have conducted the session using any of the Hubilo Streaming formats as mentioned above - then recording will be done automatically as & when the live feed is connected to our system.

Once the session is over & live feed has been disabled, it will take up to 15-20 min to process depending on the video file.


Room: Rooms with assigned moderators, will have the option for recording the room sessions. Once the recording is disabled > it will take up to 15-20 min to process depending on the video file.


Once ready, the video files would be available on the dashboard > event > recording section > to view, download, or add it as on-demand.



To add the recording as an on-demand for Sessions:

Open dashboard > event > recording > click on the name > copy the M3U8 Playback URL > session > edit > stream > paste the link in the on-demand field > save

The recording file would also be available under the respective session card > edit > streaming.


To delete a session or room recording:


Open dashboard > event > recordings > select the recording > click on delete > confirm.

Note -

  • The recording is done automatically in the Hubilo Streaming format. Once the live signal is connected to our player, the recording will be done & files would be available to download from the dashboard itself.

  • If in a single session - live feed was disconnected & connected again - then separate recording files would be generated.

  • Once a recording file has been deleted from your event - it won't be restored.