Add Event Details To Attendee Calendar

Hubilo allows users to add event details to their Google, Outlook & Yahoo calendars.


This is done in 2 ways, as an organizer, you can set it to automatically link to the user's calendar & users themselves can also link the event to their calendar by clicking on the add to calendar button on the event invite mail.

With this feature enabled, users will receive 2 emails, one being event invite mail & other calendars invite mail, which will be automatically added to their email calendar.


To add event details to user calendar automatically via mail, follow these steps:

Step 1: Open dashboard > event > setting

Step 2: Under General section > Enable toggle for Block Calendar Email > Save

Therefore when a user receives event invite mail, they will also get 2nd system mail with a calendar invite, which will get added to their email calendar automatically.

How to trigger event invite mail?

Step 1: Open dashboard > event > people section

Step 2: Select a user > you will get an option to Send Invite Mailer > select > send mail


1. Covers only event invitations and not any module-specific invitations like meeting invites, sessions, etc.

2. In case of an open event where attendees self-sign up, we won’t be sending any invites