Manage Analytics Report


This feature will provide you added flexibility to decide the fields you want in the analytics reports that you would want to download.


Steps to manage the reports -


  • Kindly go to the 'Analytics' section in the dashboard, and you will get a 'Manage Reports' option on the top

  • Once you click on the Manager Reports option, you will be taken to its detailed page where you will find the 'Organiser Reports' section.

    Inside the 'Organiser Report', you may select the profile fields so that these fields will appear in the report you download from the Analytics section -



  • In the Organiser report, Default fields like First Name, Last Name, Email, and Group are mandatory and you cannot uncheck them.

    Rest all the Default fields are checked by default, you can uncheck these remaining fields if not required.

  • All Custom fields are not mandatory and unchecked by default. You can check/uncheck them as per the requirement

  • When there is no custom field created then it will display the message as 'Create custom fields in the Profile Fields' section, if you want to create a custom field 

  • You will be able to drag and reorder the fields so that report fields in the Analytics section will follow that sequence. The top 4 fields as shown (i.e First Name, Last Name, Email, and Group ) cannot be reordered 

  • Once the setup is done, kindly click on 'Save'.

    On Saving the Manage Reports, if everything is proper it will show the message as ‘Data saved successfully'.

    While on Saving the Manage Reports, if an error occurred then it will display the message as ‘Something went wrong!!, Try after some time.

  • Once you have saved the changes in the manage report, all the reports mentioned in these sections only will get affected -


    • People: Day-Wise User Report

    • Feed: Poll Report

    • Networking: Lounge and 1:1 Meeting Reports

    • Speakers: Speaker Wise Analytics

    • Sessions: Session Wise Analytics

    • Virtual Booths: Virtual Booth Wise Analytics

    • Room: Room Wise Analytics


  • The below reports will be directly available for download :

    1 . Registration: Tickets




    2. Speakers: Overall Speaker Analytics (i.e Table Data)




3. Virtual Booths: Overall Booth Analytics (i.e Table Data)




4. Rooms: Overall Room Analytics (i.e Table Data)




  • The below reports will be exported via email :

  1. Virtual People: Day-Wise User Report



2. Feed: Poll Report


3. Networking: Lounge and 1:1 Meeting Reports




4. Sessions: Overall Session Analytics & Session Wise Analytics



5. Virtual Booths: Virtual Booth Wise Analytics



6. Rooms: Room Wise Analytics



  • When you export the report via email, the system will display the below message. Kindly check your email to access the download link -