What are Sponsored Ads? How to add your creatives to the Ad space?

You can add creatives to various places in your virtual event to promote sponsored content. Track Impressions and clicks on these creatives, preview and rearrange, download analytics to help your ROI.

The creatives can be defined either on the main screen or on the side panels of the screen.
To add creatives to your brand space, follow the steps mentioned below:


Step 1: Select "Sponsored Ads" under Branding.


If you are unable to find this option on your dashboard, please get in touch with your CSM as this feature is plan-specific and not available for all the plans.


Step 2: Click on the "Add Creative" button to define the location of your creative.

Step 3: Choose your brand space from the main or side.


The ads will be visible as shown, highlighted in red.


You can choose an image of 1036X220 px for the main creative and 320 X 320 px for a side creative. The image size should be a maximum of 5MB.


In the New Community:

The Creative in the Sponsored Ads can be added only as a Main creative. The side creative option is unavailable in the new version.


Dimensions for uploading main creative for Sponsored Ads in the new version are as below:

1200 x 240 px and the Size should not exceed 5 MB.


Step 4: Add details like name, image, Call to Action text, visibility, etc.

Side creatives will only be available in the reception and event sections.


Step 5: Click on Save as Draft or Publish.

Once published the creative will be visible to the attendees at the defined locations.