What is 'Embed your App'?

Hubilo is providing event organizers with a feature to embed the app of their choice in the Event side panel and Session side panel

This feature is available for both web apps and mobile apps.


The secondary menu is one of the best modules in the new community to multitask for attendees.


The presence of a secondary menu is great in the Session and Engagement section of the Dashboard, it acts as a good place to integrate applications that can help organizers to produce/boost engagement, betterment of session experience, gamification, information gathering/survey, applications/webpages for information showcase, embed floor plans and more.


With this, you can choose where you want to show the app in the secondary menu, select the logo of your choice, rename the app and embed it in the secondary menu.


Some Use Cases:

  1. Embedding social media engagement options like Social Walls etc.


  2. Embedding Photobooth in the event side panel for attendee engagement.



  3. Embedding interpretation and transcription services like Interprefy or Streamtext to improve the experience of the session for attendees.


  4. Embedding Kahoot and Slido in session for gamification and improved real-time interaction.



  5. Embedding third-party survey forms to collect certain information from attendees


  6. Embedding Floor plans of the physical venue in case of Hybrid setup.



  7. Examples: List of apps you can use at your next event on Hubilo

  • Floor map - ExpoFP.

  • Social media - Walls.io.

  • Photobooth - Snapbar.

  • Gamification - Kahoot, Playpager, Noonah.

  • The survey, poll, quiz - Typeform, Slido.

  • Fundraiser - Pledge.to, GoFundMe.

  • Whiteboard - Miro.

  • Document editor - Google docs (view only).

  • Digital poster - iPosters.


As an organizer, the feature will provide the flexibility to embed apps of your choice enriching the attendee engagement.

You can drive the engagement of your event by embedding applications of your choice to boost engagement, collect information, and more.


Attendee: The feature will allow attendees to check out multiple functionalities which can be embedded in the side panel like Social wall, Photobooth, etc to make the event more interesting for them.


Feature Details:

You will be able to embed a maximum of 3 custom apps of your choice using “Embed your App“ and also in the session side panel through the session and engagement section of the Dashboard.


The apps will be embeddable through an iframe.


The Functionality to “Embed your App“ (embedding a custom App) will be available for Enterprise Plan Customers by default. Please reach out to your Customer Success Manager for more details.


The option to embed the app(custom) in the side panel is going to be triggered from the Integrations section.




  • If you are not able to Enable this feature, reach out to your CSM/AM to activate it.