Import data from HubSpot to Hubilo

The Integration of HubSpot with Hubilo Platform is an interesting and useful feature that allows you the autonomy to avail the functions like:

  1. You can easily register the attendees/participants for the event by using Import Registrations Functionality.

  2. You can use your HubSpot Registration Mechanism (Forms, use the existing leads and register them) and further sync the Registrations with the Hubilo Platform.

  3. In addition to this, you will not only be able to automatically import the registrations but also assign them to different groups to take the leverage of group-based networking.


  • Custom property field is required in your Contact Information as Hubilo Group ID
    More info is mentioned below

  • Copy attendee group id from your Hubilo Dashboard > event settings & ensure this value is added in the Hubilo Group ID property field on your Hubspot - Contacts which you wish to import. More info is mentioned below


Steps to be followed to Integrate HubSpot with Hubilo for Importing registrations:


Step 1: Log in to your Hubilo account. Click on "Integrations".

Please refer to the image below to navigate to the Integrations Tab:




Step 2: Find the HubSpot Integration Card under the Integrations Tab and Click on Connect button.


In Integrations Tab the HubSpot Integration Card can be navigated under the "Sales & Marketing" option.



After clicking on Connect, a menu on the right will slide as shown in the image below:



Step 3: Authentication Workflow:

Click the connect button, choose 'New Authentication', fill up the required details, and log in to your HubSpot account to proceed.



Click 'Next'.

Note: Only the Authentication name is required here. Please ignore the Add Property to Object.

Click 'Create' to proceed.


Login to HubSpot.



Step 4: You will have to map Hubilo Group ID with the respective HubSpot Contact field where they will be storing the group code. You can have your chosen Hubspot column where you can store your Hubilo Group ID. This ID will be an event and People group-specific.

Import field mapping - for better clarity of what all fields can be imported from Hubspot to Hubilo

Below mentioned Hubilo fields are imported from respective Hubspot contact fields.

Hubilo Field Name <—— Hubspot Field Name

  • First Name <—— First Name

  • Last Name <—— Last Name

  • Email <—— Email

  • Phone number <—— Phone

  • City< —— City

  • State <—— State

  • Country <—— Country

  • Gender <—— Gender

  • Organisation <—— Company Name

  • Designation <—— Job Title

  • Website <—— Website

  • Hubilo Group Name <—— Hubilo Group code(the custom contact field which you will have to create to store Hubilo Group ID)

If you are looking for only Hubspot to Hubilo integration, leave the mapping blank and click Next.


In this case, we have created a new property named as Hubilo Group Key in our Hubspot account. Please create one in your Hubspot account as well.



Step 5: Enter Webhook URL

Once you have mapped the fields then you can click Next, where you will be prompted a Webhook URL that you can copy and use to set up a webhook on your HubSpot account.

Note: Please copy the webhook URL and keep it handy - as it would be required while setting up your webhook on Hubspot.



Step 6: Click on 'Finish'


Now you can click on Finish to complete the Setup.




NOTE: Event selection is needed for only Export functionality, You can ‘Skip’ this step if you are only looking to Import data from HubSpot.


How to create new Property in Hubspot:-

Go to Settings – select Properties (under Data Management) - Create Property - Create New property ( PFB the snapshot for reference)


Click on Next - under field Type "select Single line"


Click on Create.



How to set up the Webhook in HubSpot?


Step 1: In your HubSpot, navigate to Automation and select 'Workflows' and click on 'Create Workflow'.






Step 2: Choose 'Start From Scratch' Tab, select 'Contact-based' Tab and then click 'Next'.







Step 3: Set an ‘Enrollment Trigger'

  • You'll need to set an ‘enrollment trigger', which is an action that is the trigger for the workflow to be started.

  • Choose the filter type 'Contact Properties', and then choose the field on your Contact that contains Hubilo’s 'Group Key' as mentioned in the process flow below.

  • Choose to trigger the workflow when the Contact 'is known'

  • Then click 'Apply Filter' (Note: Under method please select POST) and 'Save'. This is the name column name that was used in the dashboard.





Note: Organisers will also have to turn on enrollment if they already have the contacts in HubSpot. Re-enrollment triggers the workflow when the field(in our case “Hubilo Group Code”) is edited every time.



Step 4: Now click the '+' button and choose the 'Send a Webhook' workflow > then paste the URL that you copied from the Hubilo integration screen and save the workflow.




Step 5: You have successfully set up the webhook trigger, whenever the Group code is known for any contact, the trigger will push the entry to the Hubilo event.



Please click on review and Publish and ensure your workflow is turned on.

Go to Automation > Workflows to check if your workflow is on.





The integration is now completed.

The Group ID column that you have created on Hubspot and is mapped on Hubilo's dashboard. Please ensure that the Group ID from Hubilo's dashboard is updated in that column for the entry to reflect at Hubilo's end.



The group ID value can be copied from Settings > Groups> select the particular Group> Copy the group ID and paste it in the field created for each user.



API rate limiting

  • Please note that Hubspot allows the transfer of only 100 requests per 10 sec. In case you are facing an issue with registrations importing in Hubilo from Hubspot, this might be one of the reasons.

  • Please check the link for more information -