What is a Room in Hubilo? What is the purpose of the room?

A room is a virtual space where people can do video meetings. Rooms can be open or moderated.


Room is one of the engagement areas on the Hubilo platform wherein users can connect & conduct video sessions. As an admin, you can assign a Speaker/Moderator & Participants can join as a viewer. The room is ideal for a Group/Panel discussion, Product demo or Closed meetings.


You can create Rooms in your event to hold breakout sessions, facilitate product demos by your Partners to potential customers, hold panel discussions, etc. Attendees will be able to spectate the session and participate in them using the ‘Raise Hand’.



You can set visibility options to make sure only the people you want can see and participate in a Room. Various options like Coded Rooms, Hidden Rooms, Public and Private Rooms
You can decide who can share Audio and Video in the room and Keep this moderated too.

Add a Poster Image to the room.

A total of up to 500 people can join a room and a maximum of 12 people can have audio/video, other 50 people will be spectators.