How to add pre-recorded video as a stream source?

Hubilo provides an option to stream pre-recorded video during a session. The steps are as follows:

Step 1: Select the session > Click on the stream options > Toggle on the stream this session button > Select Pre-recorded as a source

Step 2: Click on the "Choose Video" button and upload the video.

Please upload an MP4 video.



Step 3: Turn the toggle on for on-Demand, if you would like to allow your attendees to replay the session, once it is over.


Step 4: Click on Upload & Save - Your video file will be uploaded on the event dashboard. Please do not leave the page until the uploading is complete.

To preview the uploaded video:

1. On Dashboard - Once your video is uploaded> click on save & a preview would be available. You can click on the play icon & watch the video.

2. On the event platform - Open the event community > agenda > session > click on Preview Icon to watch the video.





  • Only admin can preview the video before the session time

  • Ensure that the session duration and the duration of the uploaded video are similar.

  • The video will start at the session start time, if the video is shorter than the session duration it will reflect as the session has gone offline after the video is completed.