How to add Facebook Player as a streaming source?

Facebook Player as a Streaming Source is a useful feature that allows you to stream those sessions on the Hubilo Platform which are actually generated from the Facebook Player.

For achieving this, you can follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: In the Organiser, Dashboard Go To Sessions >> Stream Options >> Toggle On the Stream This Session Option >> Select Facebook from the drop-down as shown in the image below:



Step 2: In the Player Type field, add the source details accordingly and Click on 'Save'

(Please refer to the image below for reference)

  • Player Link: This field should be used to enter the URL of the External Player. The join session button will be added to this session card, on clicking it users will be redirected to the new tab.

  • Player Code: This field should be used to enter the Embed Code of the External Player which will open up within the Hubilo Platform.


Important points for smooth functioning:
1. A strong and stable internet connection is required.

2. VPN needs to be turned off or join from an open network without strict firewalls.
3. Do not use this functionality in a Private or Incognito Tab.

4. CEP Analytics is not available for this streaming type.

Note: In case of any concerns while using or locating this functionality, please contact your CXM.