How to set up HBS Group Portrait on the dashboard?

As an Organizer using HBS

Please find below the steps as an Organizer to set up the Group Portrait in HBS:

  • Group Portrait is available only when hosting a session using HBS.
    (Kindly get the Group Portrait feature activated by your CXM)
  • Kindly go to 'Sessions' and enable the streaming option as HBS in the dashboard.


  • Once the feature is activated, you will get the group portrait feature for an HBS session under the 'Engagement' tab. The Group Portrait option will be present at the last and by default its visibility will be toggled off.


  • Activate the feature by toggling the visibility icon of the 'Group Portrait' feature and other required engagement options and 'Save'.



Session Reports:

  • Once the session is over, you will get the Group Portrait data in the analytics section, session wise in the dashboard in the Sessions section. Kindly go to ‘Analytics’ > ‘Sessions’.


  • To get a more detailed analysis of the Group Portrait, you can download the individual session report from the analytics.

  • Once the excel is downloaded, you will find the Group Portrait tab in the excel file where you will get the detailed report.


Note: With effective from date 7th August 2023, this will be available on request basis.