Event Landing Page - Overview

The event Landing Page contains all the details about the event. Organizers can showcase their event highlights like speakers, sessions and tickets. In big events, marketing campaigns on social media platforms are run to drive more users to the event website, and eventually, drive higher event registrations.


Organizers can share their landing page with the attendees and the attendees can check the details of the event like agenda, Speakers, different booths and they can also purchase the tickets/passes for the event.


Event Landing Page can be accessed as follows:


Step 1: Click on the Registration tab on the left-hand side and click on Landing Page.


Step 2: You will get two options, a Default landing page, and a Custom landing page.




The template for a default landing page is fixed, which means the placement of the selected information of the event will be predefined and cannot be changed.



In the custom landing page, organizers can modify the whole page as per their requirements and won't be limited to the default setting.




  • In case if there is no published Custom landing page then the Default landing page will be visible.

  • If the custom landing page option is not available, please contact your CXM.

  • You can add the custom section in the landing page editor & will have to add the content in the respective sections, as this data won't be synced with your Hubilo Dashboard.

  • The event landing page & event community platform are separate and have a different set of functionality as per their use cases.

  • Custom event landing page will be a single page website