What is Event Overview?

Event overview provides a quick summary of the event plan, displays the overall results and allows the organizer to quickly perform the important activities i.e.,

  1. Title

  2. Description

  3. Time zone

  4. Event start and End date

You can also edit the event details.


It allows user to know the event publish status (Publish or Live) and allows access to different parameters like the event link. You can also edit and/or add details.


Important features listed on the event overview:

  1. People - Know how many people are added and/or Add more people.

  2. Sessions - Get to know the number of sessions added and/or add more.

  3. Booths - Number of booths added and/or add more booths.

  4. One- On - One meetings - Get to know the number of meetings set and/or set more meetings.

  5. Lounge - Know how many lounge tables are created and/or add more tables.

  6. Rooms - Know how many rooms created and/or add more rooms.


Snapshot of the Event Overview page: