Copy your existing event


Copy Event feature enables you to copy an event. As part of the copy of the event, you will be able to choose the items of the event that you desire to copy like: Sessions, Speakers, Virtual booths, Lounges, Email Campaigns,Settings, and Branding.

How to copy event:

Step 1: Go to event homepage > click on three dots > Copy event > Add below mentioned details:


  • Event Name

  • Event Description (note: this will be auto-populated from the source event, you will be able to edit this later from the overview page)

  • Timezone

  • Multi-Language Information: Languages will be auto-selected based on source event langs (copy a multilanguage event )













Step 2: Select the attributes you want to copy from the source event: In the following options, you can choose to deselect items that you do not wish to copy.

  • Sessions
  • Speakers
  • Lounges
  • Virtual Booths
  • Branding
  • Custom Email Templates
  • Custom Landing Page
  • Settings


Screenshot 2023-11-16 at 12.50.31 PM.png



  • Some items will be interlinked: Selecting one will auto-select the other like

    • Sessions<>Speakers<>Conversion Prompts

    • Lounges<>Virtual Booth (in case of Virtual booth lounge being present in source event).

    • Sessions<>Virtual Booth (when sessions have sponsors linked to them) Session Sponsors being a Virtual booth created in the event


Step 3: Click on Copy Event.




  • Please note that details like App integrations, People Registrations, Ticket types, and Engagement options (Notifications, leaderboards, Surveys, contests) cannot be copied. For further information please contact your designated CXM.

  • Hybrid events shall be copied as a virtual event, User can contact CSM for updating it to hybrid.

  • Only Team members with Super_Admin OR Event_Admin access levels will be able to copy events.

  • In case Virtual booths are not selected then under Branding (Sponsored Ads) linked booths will only be copied.

  • In Hybrid events specifically: Groups that are Onsite shall not be copied as our Hybrid events are copied as virtual events.

    1. Only groups that are marked as Virtual are copied.

    2. Refer to the ss to understand how this tagging of groups is done.