How is the Intent score calculated for accounts in the Account Intelligence Dashboard?


Note: The Account Intelligence Dashboard is exclusively designed for Webinar Events. This entails that attendees of webinar events will be automatically sorted into their respective company categories. However, attendees of Hybrid, Virtual, and In-person Events will not be accommodated.


The account Intelligence Dashboard helps you view the following information:

  • Companies that have attended & engaged with your Webinars (also referred to as Accounts)
  • A scored list of attendees within each account, based on the engagement activities performed by them. (Also referred to as Contacts)

To understand how to make the most out of the Account Intelligence Dashboard, read the article here


After a webinar is concluded, each identified account will be given an Intent Score. The intent score is calculated based on the Lead Scoring engine that works on identifying an attendees’ score based on activities performed by them in the live & on demand experience. 

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Now let’s focus on how an Account’s Intent Score is calculated. For this we will work with an example:

  • If an attendee attends the Live & On-Demand Webinar, it shows a higher intent. Hence, the live & OD lead score will be added for the webinar, denoting a higher score for the attendee.
    Sum Score = Live Lead Score + On demand Lead Score

    Let’s assume attendee A has a Live Lead Score of 80 & an On-Demand lead score of 40. The sum score will be 120. (Represented below)

Attendee Live Lead Score On Demand Lead Score Sum Score
A 80 40 120
B 90 0 90
C 50 60 110
  • We will create a percentile that will allow us to identify the user with highest intent for the specific webinar. The attendee with the highest sum score will be rewarded a score of 100 for the Webinar. In our example, attendee A will have a score of 100. All other attendees will be ranked against attendee A. (Represented below)
Attendee Sum Score Percentile Score Rank
A 120 100 #1
B 90 75 #3
C 110 91.66 #2
  • Based on the audience’s sum score, we will calculate the ranking for the attendees for that event.
  • Based on the lead level defined by the organizer for this event, we will map intent of audience (High, Med, Low) from the lead level adjusted by the organizer. Below is a representation of lead levels defined by the organizer.


Attendee Sum Score Percentile Score Rank Lead Intent
A 120 100 #1 High
C 110 91.66 #2 High
B 90 75 #3 Medium


Let’s assume the attendees are contacts of the same account - belonging to Company X & Y represented below:

Contact / Attendee Account name Lead Intent
A Company X High
C Company Y High
B Company Y Medium
  • We will show the attendee intent mapped to each account. Based on the number of intent identified in an account, we will assign points for each lead within the account. 
    • High Lead = 60 points
    • Medium = 30 points
    • Low = 10 points

  • We will calculate the Account Intent and rank based on the same. This may make company / account Y to be ranked higher than company X as 2 contacts were identified in company Y vs 1 contact in company X. 
Account name Account Intent Account Rank
Company X 60 #2
Company Y 90 #1


  • The last step in computing the same will result in the company with the highest rank being awarded an account intent score of 100 while all other accounts will be ranked in a percentile - this score is the Account Intent Score (represented below)
Account name Account Rank Account Intent Account Intent Score
Company Y #1 90 100
Company X #2 60 66.66


Note: This mechanism ensures that both the contact lead score & the number of contacts identified in an account, both are taken into consideration when assigning a rank and Intent score to each account. (Rounded off to nearest value)

  • For each organizer, the account intent score will be recalculated & updated on a daily basis as Webinar Live & On Demand, attendees will change the Account Intent Score for all other accounts.


  • Account Intelligence Dashboard is only supported for Webinar Events. All contacts from Virtual, Hybrid & In-person Events will not be computed. 
  • The Account intelligence Dashboard is updated on a daily basis, hence new contact activity may take up to a day to be updated. 
  • The Account Intelligence dashboard replaces the existing contacts page for an organizer.
  • The Account Intelligence dashboard works with the Lead Scoring engine fundamentally. To make the most of the Account Intelligence Dashboard, you can read about Lead Score here.