What is the Account Intelligence Dashboard? - Introduction to the feature

Note: The Account Intelligence Dashboard is exclusively designed for Webinar Events. This entails that attendees of webinar events will be automatically sorted into their respective company categories. However, attendees of Hybrid, Virtual, and In-person Events will not be accommodated.


The Account Intelligence Dashboard serves as a vital tool post-webinar, empowering you to expedite your account-based marketing strategy. 



The account Intelligence Dashboard helps you view the following information:

  • Companies that have attended & engaged with your Webinars (also referred to as Accounts)
  • A scored list of attendees within each account, based on the engagement activities performed by them. (Also referred to as Contacts)
  • List of Unlinked Contacts from your webinars, that can be manually mapped to identified accounts, in-case we are unable to.
  • Within each account, you can view the following information:
    • Firmographic details of the Company like company domain, description, revenue, employee size and industry that can also be used as filters to define your Ideal Customer Profile.
    • Activity Log helps you view the recent 20 activities that have been performed by the contacts for an account.
    • Account Metrics is a list of engagement activities performed by all the contacts combined in an account. 



How can you use this information to turbo charge your account based marketing strategy? 

  1. Each Account is ranked based on an Account Intent Score and the number of linked contacts - so that you can easily target the top companies that have been engaging with your Webinars. 

To understand how the Account Intent Score is calculated, read the article here

  1. Within each account you can view the unique contacts from that company ranked by their Lead Score. You can view the engagement activities performed by each contact at a granular level - helping you to identify the lead with the highest chance of converting and using your product & services. 

To understand how the Lead Score is calculated, read the article here


What activities can I track for a contact? 

For each contact (linked / unliked) you will be able to track the following activities:

  • Lead Score from Each Webinar - High / Medium / Low.
  • Webinars attended - Live / On Demand.
  • Engagement Activities performed to define intent
    • Duration: Total time spent by a contact watching your webinars (Live / On-demand)
    • Chat messages sent by a contact.
    • Polls Answered 
    • Session Rating submitted by a contact
    • Downloads of files & documents by a contact 
    • Questions posted by a contact.
    • Conversion Prompt call to action clicked by a contact. 
    • Raised Hand action performed by a contact.
    • Reactions performed by a contact in a webinar.

If a contact has attended multiple webinars, their combined lead score will be updated along with an intent rating - High, Medium & Low for each of the webinars attended.

Once you have identified your top accounts & contacts, you can now share this with your marketing & sales team and align them on what companies to target next and what contacts you should be reaching out to. 

You can download the Account Intelligence Report from the top right corner and update the email address of your team members you want to share the report with. The report will contain 

  • A tabular summary of all the accounts identified along with the Account Intent Score & firmographic details
  • A list of all linked and unlinked contacts with their details like name, email, company, webinars attended and Intent from each Webinar. 


How can you start using the Account Intelligence Dashboard? 

While the Account Intelligence Dashboard is available across all plans, you need to reach out to your Customer Support Executive to enable this for you. Once enabled, you can click on the Generate CTA & we will do our magic. 

Once the computation is completed, we will automatically trigger an email to all team members, informing them about the top accounts identified along with a link to access the dashboard. This email will automatically trigger after each webinar is concluded and the Account Intent Score is updated.

Important Notes: 

  • Account Intelligence Dashboard is only supported for Webinar Events. All contacts from Virtual, Hybrid & In-person Events will not be computed. 
  • The Account Intelligence Dashboard is updated daily, hence new contact activity may take up to a day to be updated. 
  • The Account Intelligence dashboard replaces the existing contacts page for an organizer.
  • The Account Intelligence dashboard works with the Lead Scoring engine fundamentally. To make the most of the Account Intelligence Dashboard, you can read about Lead Score here.