What are Sender Details?

Sender Details sections provide an option to give a personalized touch to your E-mail notifications by adding a custom sender name CC, and BCC

It helps your attendee to easily recognize your messages.

To add sender details, follow the below steps:

  • Open dashboard > Settings > Sender Details

  • Here, you can add your own custom sender details:
    Sender Name (Display name)


By default, the sender id would be set to Hubilo's email id - noreply@olibuh.com


However, for our certain subscription plans (or as an add-on with Whitelabel solution), we do provide the option to add a custom sender email id - which can be your own email or company email id.

You can send in your request for the same, by clicking on the Send Request link > add New Email Id > add Domain Provider > Send Request


Your request will be sent to our support team & your CXM will validate the request in regard to your subscription plan.

For the next steps, your CXM would initiate the Email ID authentication process on Sendgrid and CXM will share certain information with you which you would have to configure on your DNS settings.


Once DNS configuration is done, your CXM will verify the Email ID on Sendgrid & add it to your Hubilo Event.