How to configure and add Profile Fields


The Profile Fields section provides an option to create custom or edit existing profile fields in the user profile. You can define fields & set up user profiles that your event users will be able to fill during the onboarding process or once they logged in to the event platform.

User profiles help in networking & enhance engagement in the event. You can set up user profile fields as per your event requirement.

A default user profile will be already in place, however, you can edit the existing fields or add custom fields.

Open Dashboard > Event > Setting > Profile Fields:

To edit the existing fields > click on it > update the text or setting > save



To add a custom field > Click on Add Profile Field button > Add Field Name & select the type > Set the settings > Save


Once a user logs into your event platform, this user profile will show up for them, wherein the user can add their data and set up the profile to network during the event.

You can set up the settings for each field by enabling/disabling the toggle option.

  • Display this field in the onboarding form - The field will display on the onboarding page when the user logged in.

  • Show this in the user Profile to others - It'll display in the user's profile when someone visits.

  • Filter Attendees based on this field - Field value will be added to the filter.

  • Show this field in Edit Profile - Attendees can edit their profile field.

Example of a user profile: