Group Portrait



Group Portrait Feature In HBS -

Group Portrait feature is available only when hosting a session using HBS. It allows the Panelist and Attendees to take a group selfie during the session. Once the group portrait timer is over, they will get their group portrait and also will have an option to share or download their selfie.

This feature is available in Advance, Pro and Enterprise plans



Group Portrait Features -

  • This feature brings the Panelists and Attendees to engage during a session by compiling a collectively sharable image and establishing a memory for the event.

  • The feature allows attendees to share their group portrait on social media (Facebook/ Linkedin/ Twitter) alongside the keynote speaker and they also can share it on the Event Feed or Download the image.

  • Create a Group Portrait and have a bonding moment over the same.


Example of an Initiator's Group Portrait -

For Initiator, the portrait image will consist of 19 images (1+18) i.e one image of Initiator himself in the centre and surrounding 18 random attendees images.



Example of the Attendee's Group Portrait -

For Attendees (who have participated in the group portrait), the portrait image will consist of 14 images (2+12) i.e one image of the Initiator and another image of the user himself in the center, surrounded by 12 random attendee's images.