How to sync Hubilo attendee activity data to Pardot

Hubilo attendee activities are a list of actions that your attendees have performed inside your webinar/event.

This helps you to see and track the engagement level and also measure the intent of each attendee. Also with these activities information directly available in your Pardot. It gives you more power to segment your audience better and know more about their intent and leveraging that in your marketing automation flow.

List of of Hubilo activities:

  1. Registered for webinar
    1. Triggers when the user registers for an event on Hubilo.
  2. Logged-In to webinar
    1. Triggers when a user joins an event by virtual login.
  3. No-show at the Session
    1. Syncs no-show status when session ends.
  4. Attended Live Session
    1. Syncs user attendance when the live session ends.
  5. Attended On-Demand session
    1. Sync user attendance data once every 24 hours after the live session ends.
  6. Q&A Submitted
    1. Triggers when a user posts a question to the Q & A section.
  7. Poll Submitted
    1. Triggers when a user responds to a particular poll published in the session.
  8. Session Survey Submitted
    1. Syncs the data when the user submits a session survey.
  9. Conversion Prompt CTA Click
    1. Syncs the data when the user clicks on Conversion Prompt CTA.

How can you use Hubilo activities:

  1. You can use the activities parameters to segment your audience into different segmentation lists.
    1. Think like the list of people who have answered a poll vs people who have not answered.
  2. You can also use the activity parameters to automate your marketing flows based on the value.
    1. Think like sending an email to people who have logged into Event A.

Note: You can use the activities as per your own logics and use cases


Steps to export activities to Pardot prospects:

  1. Connect your Pardot account.
  2. Connect your Pardot list with your Hubilo webinar/event.
  3. Create a marketing app extension.
  4. Select the Hubilo activities you like to export from Hubilo to your Pardot prospects.

  5. Once selected, you can turn the ‘Sync on’ to let the activities flow to your Pardot prospects.
  6. You can look at the Hubilo activities visible in the prospect’s profile in your Pardot under ‘External Activities’ section.


    Hubilo exports the activity with Event ID and Session ID as values. Details of activities are mentioned below:

    Activity Name Activity Value


    Logged-in <Event_ID>
    No Show <Session_ID>
    Attended Live <Session_ID>
    Attended On-Demand <Session_ID>
    Session Q&A Submitted <Session_ID>
    Session Survey Submitted <Session_ID>
    Session Poll Submitted <Session_ID>
    Conversion Prompt CTA Clicked <Conversion prompt URL>

    Lead Score

    <Lead Score>