Configuring Pardot list with Hubilo and Importing registrations to Hubilo webinar/event

Bring in your registrations automatically from your Pardot lists to your Hubilo webinar/event.

Leave behind the hassle of downloading and uploading CSVs and Excel sheets containing your registrations.

How to create List in Pardot:

  1. Login in to your Pardot account. 
  2. Go to ‘Segmentation’ and then ‘Segmentation List’
  3. Click on ‘+Add List’ on the top right
  4. Fill in the details. You can make a static or dynamic list as per your choice.

5. See the prospects flowing into your List.

Steps to Integrate with Hubilo:

  1. Connect your Pardot with Hubilo
    • Check the details here
  2. Go to your Webinars/Events > Integrations > Connected Apps
  3. Click on Setup on Pardot tile

Connect your Pardot list

5. Field mapping and additional settings

    1. Map the Hubilo fields with your Pardot prospect fields that you would like to import to your Hubilo webinar/events.
    2. You can also export your registrants' Hubilo magic link (single click login link) to any of your Pardot’s prospect fields. 

    3. You can automatically send registration confirmation/invite emails with automatic calendar blocks directly from Hubilo to your registrants as soon as they are imported to Hubilo.
    • You can also send the invite emails from Pardot. 

      6. Select the attendee activities that you would like to export from Hubilo directly to your Pardot.

      1. Click here to learn more


7. Enable the Sync for your webinar/event to automatically import your registrations and export activities.

    1. You can choose to turn the Sync on right away or turn the sync on later.


      • Automatic import of registrations will be terminated 7 days after the webinar/event end date-time as set on Hubilo.
      • You will still have the option to import the prospects after webinar end by clicking on a button manually which will be present on the same screen under ‘Integrations > Connected apps > Pardot’

      8. See the registrations imported directly in the ‘People’ section of your Hubilo dashboard.

      What to do if you are not seeing the registrations imported to your Hubilo Webinar?

      If you have successfully enabled the integration with your webinar/event and still not seeing registrations flowing into the ‘People’ section of your webinar/event.

      You can check the logs to find out the issue yourself. Below are the steps to do so:-

      1. Go to the ‘Integrations’ tab on the top menu of your Hubilo dashboard.
      2. You will see a ‘Logs’ tab just beside the Apps tab.

      3. Once you are on the logs screen, you can select ‘Pardot’ from the filter on the right corner.

      4. Now you will be able to see all logs related to your Pardot integrations. You can also filter it for your webinar/event.

        5. You can check for failed logs directly by clicking on ‘Failed’ and also search for specific users based on their email if or name.

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