Creating Hubilo marketing app extension in Pardot


You can export many external activities to your Pardot like Hubilo webinar activities. 


These external activities allow you to tap into Pardot’s standard features – Engagement Studio, Automation Rules, Dynamic Lists, and Segmentation Rules – to enable you to blend that data into your Pardot automation.

How can you create Marketing App Extension automatically from Hubilo to store webinar activities of your prospects?

  1. You would need to connect your Pardot account with Hubilo and connect your Pardot list with your webinar/event first before going forward.
    • Click here to read more.
  2. Once you have connected your Pardot list with your webinar and completed the field mapping, you will come to the Activities section.

  3. Once you click on ‘Create and approve’, you will need to enter the name of Marketing app extension which you like, and click ‘Confirm’

    4. Hubilo will automatically create the marketing app extension in your Pardot and show it on the Hubilo screen to you.


    • Hubilo will automatically set the Marketing app extension ‘Active in Automation’.
    • If the Pardot limit for Active marketing app extension is reached/exceeded. Hubilo will inform you as well on this same screen.

      5. Hubilo will export the attendee activities directly into this marketing app extension.

      You can see this marketing app extension in your Salesforce/Pardot Marketing app extension list.

    7. After successfully creating a Marketing App extension, you can select the activities you like to export. Click here to learn more.