How to connect your Pardot account with Hubilo

Streamline your marketing operations by integrating Hubilo with Pardot. Import your contacts automatically from your Pardot lists to your webinars, get instant updates on what your attendees did in your webinar directly in your Pardot with simple automations done within a few clicks.

Key features:

  • Connect your Pardot segmentation? lists with Hubilo webinar/event.
  • Import prospects as registrations automatically to Hubilo webinar.
  • Export magic links (one click login link) to a prospect’s custom field
  • Export Hubilo attendee activity data as prospect’s external activities in your Pardot

What do you need as pre-requisites?

To connect Pardot with Hubilo, you would need a:

  • Username
  • Password
  • Security token
    • The 'Security Token' is sent to you via email when you first set up your SSO account. If you are having difficulties finding your Security Token, please refer to the Salesforce guide for more details.
  • Business unit ID
    • To get the Pardot 'Business Unit ID', head to the Salesforce UI and navigate to 'Setup' -> 'Pardot Account Setup'. You will find the 'Business Unit ID' in the Quick Find box. It begins with '0Uv' and is 18 characters long.

Note: You would need a Pardot account with Super admin permissions or at least permission to create a marketing app extension inside Pardot


Steps to connect:

  1. Login to your Hubilo dashboard and go to the ‘Integration’ tab on the top menu bar.
  2. Look for Pardot app and click on ‘Connect’


3. After clicking on connect, enter the required information.

    • You can name your instance anything. It’s just a name to remember the Pardot account you will be logging in with.

4. Once you are successfully connected, you can go to your webinar/event and configure/enable the integration for your webinar/event

5. You can check the connected account by clicking on the gear icon on the Pardot card and you can also ‘Disconnect’ your Pardot account from here.


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