How to Setup A Custom URL for your Webinars & Events


Custom sub-domains offer organizers a powerful tool to maintain brand consistency across their webinars and events. By following the guidelines mentioned above, organizers can ensure that their events have a professional and branded online presence

In order to assign a custom URL for the platform, you will need to create a domain/sub-domain from your end for the event URL. Once the subdomain is ready, you just need to configure its settings as mentioned below:

  • Add "A" new Record
  • Record Type: A
  • Host: @
  • Points to:
  • TTL: Custom - 1440

Once mapped, kindly inform your CXM and Hubilo will get an SSL added on the URL within 72 working hours.

  1. Default Custom Sub-Domain for Newly Created Webinars/Events:

    • When a custom URL is approved for an event (e.g.,, any newly created webinars or events organized by the same entity will, by default, have the same sub-domain (in this case, "").
    • Organizers can specify a unique slug (the part after the sub-domain) for each new webinar or event while retaining the same sub-domain.
    • The character limit for the slug remains 100 characters, similar to the current vanity URL setup.
  2. Modifying the Slug:

    • Organizers have the flexibility to modify the slug for their events. This allows them to create distinct, easy-to-remember URLs for each event.
    • As an organizer you will be able to change the slug from  Branding section of the dashboard > go to custom URL and change the URL accordingly >Save .  
    • The sub-domain (e.g., "") cannot be changed after it's associated with the organizer's account, ensuring brand consistency.
  3. Establishing a New Custom URL:

    • If the organizer wishes to establish an entirely new custom URL (distinct from the previously approved one), you will need to follow the existing support process to get it mapped to this webinar/event, and your CXM will replace the URL from the backend and henceforth this newly approved URL should be shown as the default sub-domain (replacing the earlier one)

If you need assistance with custom URLs or have any questions, please reach out to your CXM or our support team at for further guidance.