Adding An External Form to your Hubilo Custom Landing Page


Welcome to Hubilo's support guide on how to seamlessly integrate external forms from platforms like HubSpot, Typeform, and others into your Custom Landing Page

Please note that if you use this method to collect registrations, then to import the registrant data into Hubilo system, you need to bulk upload the data or set up data import from Hubspot to Hubilo.


Follow these simple steps to get started:

Step 1: Create Your Form

Begin by creating your form on any external platform of your choice, such as HubSpot or Typeform. Design your form to suit your needs and customize it according to your event or campaign requirements.


Step 2: Copy the Embeddable Script

After creating your form on the external platform, look for the option to embed or share the form. Most external platforms provide an embeddable script or code snippet. This script is what you'll use to embed the form into your Hubilo custom landing page. Copy this script to your clipboard.

Step 3: Navigate to Hubilo's Landing Page Builder

Log in to your Hubilo account and access the landing page builder tool. If you don't have a custom landing page set up yet, create one by following our guide on creating custom landing pages.


Step 4: Add an HTML Widget

Once you're in the landing page builder, click on the "Widgets" tab to reveal a list of available widgets. From the list, select the "HTML Widget" option. This widget allows you to embed custom HTML content onto your landing page.


Step 5: Place the HTML Widget

Drag and drop the HTML Widget to the specific location on your landing page where you want the external form to appear. You can position it anywhere on the page to suit your design and user experience.


Step 6: Paste the Embeddable Script

Now, click on the added HTML Widget to open its settings. In the HTML Widget box, paste the embeddable script that you copied from your external form platform in **Step 2**. This script contains all the necessary code to display your external form seamlessly on your Hubilo custom landing page.


Step 7: Save and Preview

Before finalizing, make sure to preview your landing page to ensure that the external form is displaying correctly and functioning as expected. You can make further adjustments if needed.


Congratulations! You've successfully embedded an external form from platforms like HubSpot, Typeform, or others into your Hubilo custom landing page.