How to export Attendee activities from Hubilo to Salesforce.

Export your attendee data to Salesforce:

Hubilo’s Salesforce Integration allows you to sync your attendees' high intent activities from the webinars/events directly to your Salesforce.

We have tons of high intent activities which will help your sales reps to identify different Hubilo touch points that their prospects(Leads/Contacts) have gone through and tailor their communications and reach outs better.

Think about reaching out to your prospect as soon as they asked a question in your webinar. Wouldn’t it be wonderful?

Hubilo supports the below Attendee activity export at the moment:

  1. Registered for Event - This activity is sent as soon a user registers for your webinar/event
  2. Logged-In to Event -  This activity is sent as soon a user logs in your webinar/event
  3. Checked-In to Event - This activity is sent as soon as a user checks in your event physically(applicable only for In-person and hybrid event)
  4. Watched a Session - This activity is sent if the user has watched a session(post the session/webinar ends)
  5. Session QnA submitted - This activity is sent post the webinar/session end and if the user has asked a question in it.
  6. Event Survey Submitted - This activity is sent when a user submits an event survey(this is applicable only to Virtual, Hybrid and In-Person event)
  7. Session Survey Submitted - This activity is sent when a user submits a session/webinar survey
  8. Session Polls Submitted -  This activity is sent when a user answers a poll in the webinar/session
  9. Hubilo Lead Score - This activity is sent post the webinar/event end and contains Hubilo lead score for attendees.
  10. Conversion prompt CTA click - This activity is sent when a user clicks on the conversion prompt from the webinar/session

Steps to configure your Salesforce Integration and enable Activity export in 4 easy steps:-

Step 1:   Connect your Salesforce account with Hubilo

You need to authenticate your Salesforce account with Username and Password from the Hubilo Integrations page.

Check out our detailed guide here - How to connect Salesforce with Hubilo


Step 2: Navigate to the Events section and configure Salesforce for your Webinar/Event

  • Go to the Events section and select the event for which you want to enable Salesforce Integration.
  • Go to the "Integrations" tab and locate the "Connected App" option.
  • Verify if the Salesforce account is listed and connected. If not, please proceed with the following steps:
    • a. Click on the "Set up" button if it is your first time accessing this screen.
    • b. If you have already set up the integration or need to make edits to the existing configuration, click on the "Edit" button.
  • Once on the setup or edit page, you will be presented with three tabs. Please locate and select the "Activities" tab from the available tabs.


‘Configure Leads/Contacts’ is a mandatory step in order to export Activities to Salesforce. Make sure you complete that step with your Leads/Contacts data field mapping.


Step 3: Select Attendee Activities you would like to export to Salesforce

Hubilo’s Salesforce Integration supports multiple Attendee intent activities for you to sync with  your Leads/Contacts on Salesforce. 

You will also have the option to create and sync a ‘Task’ type as well with every Hubilo activity, which you can use to segment or filter out Hubilo activities in your Salesforce reports to access the Hubilo touchpoints on your Leads/Contacts better.

  • You will be asked to select the ‘Task’ type from the list of task types you have in your Salesforce. Hubilo recommends creating a custom task type to differentiate Hubilo activities from other activities on your Salesforce.
  • Here is how you can create another Task type on your Salesforce - Click Here
  • This is an optional step and you can choose to skip this.

  • Next you will be required to select from the list of Attendee Activities which Hubilo supports to export to your Salesforce Leads/Contacts object.

  • You can also click on ‘View Properties’ to look at the granular data point corresponding to each activity that we send.
  • Some examples of properties for ‘Watched a Session’ activity are:
    • Event Id
    • Event Name
    • Event Format
    • Session Id
    • Session Name
    • Session Type: (Live/On demand/In-Person)
    • Joined At
    • Session Duration in minutes
    • Attended Duration in minutes 
    • Attended Duration Percentage
    • Resource Downloaded: (Yes - Resource1, Resource2…/No)
    • Raised hand: Yes/No
    • Invited to stream: Yes/No
    • Joined stream: Yes/No
    • Total duration on stream in minutes


Step 4: Click ‘Save’ and enable ‘Sync’

Once you have completed the above three steps, all you need to do is Save your configurations and turn the sync on.

Hubilo will be automatically updating the Attendee activities as attendees are performing them in near real time.


Step 5: Check your Hubilo Attendee Activities on Salesforce Leads/Contacts object

All the Attendee activities from Hubilo are exported as ‘Tasks’ in Salesforce.

You can see these tasks associated with your Leads/contacts on Salesforce under ‘Activities’.


Some key points to note:

  1. All Hubilo activities will have “[Hubilo]” appendended to them in the Subject name for your Sales team to distinguish the Hubilo touchpoints.
  2. All the parameters of the Hubilo attendee activity will be present in the ‘Comments’ section of the task.
  3. All the tasks which are created by Hubilo will be marked ‘Completed’ automatically.