5. Configure Attendee's Activity as Custom Activities

Export your Attendee data from Hubilo to Marketo


This is the last step to set-up Marketo integration for your event. In this step, you will be able to configure Hubilo attendee activity data that you would like to export to Marketo as custom activities and will be visible as the Lead’s(now Person) activity log. Read more about Marketo custom activities here. This is an optional step.

Step 4: Configure Attendee's Activity as Custom Activities

-You will need to create custom activity in Marketo in order to receive Hubilo attendee activity data. Since Marketo has an account level limitation of number of custom activities that can be created, we recommend that you have space for creating at least three in order to sync all activity data. 

-You can create and approve custom activity in Marketo either from the side panel that opens up right after authenticating the Marketo integration, or from this section. Please note that this is a one-time activity, and custom activities once created in Marketo, need not be created again for each event.

-Click on ‘Create and approve’ button.

-Click on ‘Confirm’

A green success toast message will confirm that your custom activity has been successfully created in an approved state in Marketo. The ID of the same will be visible in the UI.

- Once all the custom activities are created, you will see that each one of them have relevant nested Hubilo activities under them. Please enable all the Hubilo activities that you wish to sync with Marketo.

Alternatively, you can click on ‘Select All’ to enable all activities.

Below is the list of Custom activities and nested Hubilo activities:

Custom Activity

Hubilo Activities

Hubilo event registration updates

This custom activity will include activity data for attendee registration and attendance

1. Registered for the Event

2. Logged in to Event

3. Checked in to Event

4. Checked-out of Event

Hubilo event attendee engagement

This custom activity will include activity data around attendee engagement data like watched a session, polls, QnA, surveys, and more.

1. Watched a Session

2. Session Q&A submitted

3. Event Survey Submitted

4. Session Survey Submitted

5. Session Poll Submitted

6. Conversion Prompt CTA Click

Hubilo lead score and engagement summary

This custom activity will include Hubilo Lead Score and Event engagement summary.

1. Hubilo Lead Score

2. Event Engagement Summary

-Click on ‘Save and finish’ to complete the set up.

- You will see a pop-up confirming that your configurations are complete.

Please click on ‘Sync now’ to start the data transfer. You can choose to turn on sync later as well.

Please make sure to turn on the data sync toggle before registration for your event begins for a smoother integration experience.