3. Import data from Marketo to Hubilo

Import registrations from Marketo Program to Hubilo:


Create a Marketo Program and connect it to the Hubilo webinar/event you’re trying to set up. Refer to this article for details.


The Hubilo import field mappings allow you to map Marketo Lead and Program member fields with Hubilo Profile fields (both standard and custom). Once all the steps are completed, and the sync is turned on, we will automatically import all Program members as registrations to Hubilo.

Apart from the mappings, you will also be able to export unique magic links back to Marketo for all the Program members.

Note:  In order to import registrations, you will need to add Program members to your Program via Marketo forms or Landing Pages. Read this article that explains how to directly add Program members using Marketo Landing pages.
Alternatively, you can also embed Marketo forms to the Hubilo landing page (or any other external landing page of your choice) and then import them as Program members. Refer to the Hubilo setup here, and the Marketo setup here.

You can continue setting up the field mappings in Hubilo and set up Marketo Program member forms and landing pages later.

Lead Field Mapping

  • There are three default mappings that cannot be edited. This is to ensure seamless data flow, and the email ID is used for deduplication. 
  • You can map Hubilo standard profile fields with Marketo Lead fields, such as Phone, Designation, Company, etc.
  • Please note that only the mapped profile fields will be imported to Hubilo.

Program Member Field Mapping

  • There are no default field mappings.
  • You can map Hubilo custom profile fields(event specific) with Marketo Program member fields. 
  • Hubilo custom fields and Marketo Program member custom fields will first need to be created in Hubilo before you proceed with the mappings. See how to create custom fields in Hubilo here.

Note: All the field mappings are applicable to the respective webinar/event and will not impact mappings done in other events.


If you’re setting up a non-webinar event (virtual/hybrid/in-person), and want to segregate your attendees into different attendee groups, such as early bird, VIP attendees, etc. You will need to create a Hubilo Group ID field in Marketo and map it with Group ID field under Hubilo dropdown menu.

  1. Clicking on ‘Create’ and then ‘Confirm’ button will create a custom Program Member field in Marketo automatically. 
  2. You can then proceed to use this field in your Marketo form. See how. Once you add this to your form, you will need to edit their field label and values. 
  3. The value will need to be copied by going to your event -> left menu -> settings -> groups -> select your desired attendee group -> copy group id. 
  4. You can set up the Marketo form and these settings later as well.


Additional Settings:

You will also have the following additional settings on this page.

  1. Export magic link to Marketo: Enabling this will automatically export Hubilo 1-click login links (Hubilo Magic Link) to the ‘Webinar URL’ field for Program Members. You can use these magic links as tokens to build personalized email templates. See how.
  2. Update fields in Marketo: Enabling this will update the field values in Marketo if they are updated directly in Hubilo. If you don’t want fields to be updated in Marketo, please keep this toggle disabled.
  3. Hubilo Invite email with auto-calendar block: Enabling this will send Hubilo’s invite emails to all the registrations. The email will automatically block their calendars and will have 1-click magic link to login to the event. This is highly recommended to boost your webinar attendance. You can see the email status under Hubilo email manager.


Once this is done, please click on ‘Save and continue’ to proceed.