2. Configuring Marketo Program with Hubilo Webinar/Event


Hubilo: Have a Webinar/Event created in Hubilo.

Marketo: Have a Program created in Marketo. See how. It is recommended that you create Program of ‘Event’ type.

Step 1: Connect Marketo Program with Hubilo Event

Once the authentication is done, you will need to connect your Marketo Program with Hubilo event and proceed with the event level setup. 

Go to your desired Hubilo webinar/event, in the left menu, click on Integrations -> Connected Apps -> Marketo -> Click on ‘Setup’ button.


Make sure to have a Marketo Program created in your Marketo account before you link it in Hubilo. Click "Continue".

Organizers can search (as they type) within the program list by name or program id, along with a refresh button to fetch the latest programs from the connected Marketo account. Select your desired Program from the dropdown and hit ‘Connect’.

A green successful toast message indicates a successful connection. 

To connect with a different Program, disconnect the program, click on the "Disconnect" button and connect with a different program.

- One Program can only be connected with one webinar/event.

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