1. Marketo Integration Guide

Integration overview: 

  1. Connect your webinars and events with Marketo Programs and automatically import Program members as registrations to Hubilo. Send Hubilo’s auto-calendar-block invite emails to your imported registrations.
  2. Map your Marketo Lead and Program member fields with Hubilo Profile Fields (both standard and custom) for a fully customizable data sync.
  3. Export Magic link generated for your webinars and events in the 'Webinar URL' field for Program members in Marketo and use them in your emails.
  4. Automatically update your Program member progression status by mapping them with Hubilo triggers and use them for user segmentation.
  5. Map Hubilo token values with Marketo Program custom tokens and create reusable Email and Landing page templates with Add to Calendar CTAs.
  6. Export Hubilo attendee engagement data as Marketo custom activities and use them as triggers and filters in your smart lists.

Setting up the integration:


Hubilo: Organizer Access of Hubilo dashboard


  • In order to integrate your Marketo instance with Hubilo, users will need to have access to the Admin and Marketing Activities pages as well as the WebServices and LaunchPoint integration pages. 
  • Additionally, users may also require permissions to create User-Roles, Programs, Channels, and LaunchPoint Services if they have not already been set up for your event.
  • Your Marketo LaunchPoint User must have all the permissions under 'Access API'.
  • You will need to verify the maximum number of custom activities supported by your instance of Marketo and make sure there is enough space for adding at least three custom activities.

Connecting Hubilo with Marketo:

  1. Log in to your Hubilo dashboard account. Click on ‘Integrations’ tab in the dashboard.
  2. Please refer to the image below to navigate to the Integrations Tab

In Integrations Tab the Marketo Integration Card can be navigated under the ‘Sales & Marketing’ option -


Find the Marketo  Integration Card and Click on the ‘Connect’ button. A side panel will open up explaining the highlights of the integration, and details required before proceeding.


To proceed with the integration, you will need the following information from your Marketo account:

  • Marketo REST API Endpoint
  • Client Secret and ID from a LaunchPoint Service

Follow the instructions below for obtaining this information and setting up your integration.

  1. On the top menu, click Admin.
  2. Go to Security -> Users & Roles.
  3. Create a new role with at least ALL Access API Permissions, or use an existing API Access role.

  1. Click on Invite New User with the new role created above.
  2. Go to Integration -> Web Services
  3. Once you are on the Web Services page, in the REST API section, copy the REST API domain name, leaving out /rest. We recommend saving this in a note or document for later use.

  4. In the side menu, click the LaunchPoint link under Integration . You will be redirected to the Installed Services page that contains a list of all of your LaunchPoint Services. 
  5. Create a new LaunchPoint service or use an existing one that you would want to use to connect with Hubilo. 

  1. Click on View Details and copy the Client ID and Client Secret and save them in a note or document for later use.

Return to the Hubilo dashboard, and Click ‘Connect’ in the side panel and follow the on-screen steps.

  1. Retrieve the API domain name, Client ID, and Client Secret you copied earlier. You will need them to connect your Marketo account.
  2. Follow the instructions explained below for connecting your Marketo account.
    1. Click the Marketo Connected dropdown on the screen followed by Add a new account link. The Create a new Authentication window appears.
    2. Enter the REST API endpoint, Client ID, and Client Secret you saved earlier into the provided fields.
    3. Click the Create button.

Click the Finish button to complete this process. If the account connection is successful, a green successfully connected Marketo message appears at the bottom left of the screen.

This step marks successful setup of Marketo integration.

In order to sync Hubilo attendee engagement data to Marketo, you will need to create ‘Custom Activities’ in Marketo by clicking on Create and Approve and following the on-screen instructions in the side panel.
This can also be done later while setting up activity sync for your webinar/event.

Note: For virtual/hybrid events, organizers can create a ‘Hubilo Group ID’ by clicking the ‘Create’ button to effectively categorize and separate registrations/attendees, this allows you to easily segregate users into different types of Attendees such as Early Bird Registrations, Normal Registrations, . These groups can be added to your Marketo forms to take Group input from users.


How to disconnect your Marketo account

  1. Go to the ‘Integrations’ tab from the top menu.
  2. You will see the ‘Marketo’ card will be in the Connected state. Click the gear icon on the top right of the card.
  3. You will be able to see the connected account name and a ‘Disconnect’ button.
  4. You can click Disconnect and 'CONFIRM' your Marketo account will be disconnected from Hubilo.

Note: When you disconnect your Marketo account, all the data sync will stop, and your programs-event connections, mappings and configurations will be deleted and reset.


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