Reminder and Follow up emails

The practice of sending reminder emails to event attendees can yield substantial benefits for event organizers, particularly in terms of enhancing attendance rates. Research has indicated that the implementation of reminder emails can result in attendance rate increases of up to 40%. By proactively communicating with attendees and ensuring they are well-informed, organizers can significantly mitigate the risk of attendees missing or forgetting about the event.

Please follow the bellow steps to set up the Reminder emails. 

Step 1: Login to Hubilo Dashboard and select “Email Manager” >> In Email Manager you will be able to see the “Reminder email” title under “All” and “Automated”.

Note: As a user you can configure upto 3 reminder emails. These emails can be pre-event, post event and during the event. 

Step 2: To customize the reminder email, click on “Edit email” and user will be able to customize the following email context. 

As a user I should be able to edit the reminder email. The breakdown of the template is:

  1. Basic Details:
  • Email subject*
  • Event state set as default to pre-event
  1. From:
  • Sender’s name*
  • Sender’s email set based on Setting>sender details>email
  • Cc
  • bcc
  1. Reminders
  • Reminder 1
  • Reminder 2
  • Reminder 3
  1. Every reminder will have the following:
  • Set Trigger
  • Add join link checkbox
  • Cross the button to remove the reminder
  • Content and Design
  • Template copy provided

Note - Each Reminder has a dropdown option to select the design and a subject line textbox


Step 3: To set the reminder email Hubilo provides 2 options defined below. 

  1. Relative – Where the time stamp is already set like 1 day before the event, 1 hour before the event, and 15 min before the event.   
  1. Absolute – This is totally customizable date and time based on when the user want to trigger the emails.

Step 4: As a user, you can add the link to the Webinar page/event page by ticking the check box “Add Join link” 

Each Reminder has an email subject line textbox and a dropdown option to select a design/template




Step 5: Once the email is sent, the user will be able to check which reminder email has been triggered already with the message “This email has been sent”.



Step 6: As a user, you can also adjust the number of reminder emails (If you wish to only send 2 email reminders). You can click on the 'Delete' button provided on the right of every reminder email. 



Note: After deleting one email reminder, also you can add it back by clicking on “Add reminder email”.



Sample Screen of the reminder email on Participant view. 




Virtual events

Follow-up email: 

As a user post-event you will be able to send the follow-up emails to the attendees (Who logged in to the event) and absentees ( Who have registered but did not attend the event). 

Also, the Follow-up emails will have the CTA button to the event page (in case of virtual / Hybrid) and CTA to recording (Incase of Webinar). 


Steps to create and trigger Follow-up email. 

Step 1: Go to “Email Manager” and Under “All” and “Automated” the user will be able to see the title of “Follow up email - Attendee” / “Follow up email – Absentee”.

Step 2: Click on Edit to start customizing the Follow up email. 

  • Basic Details 
  • Sender Details, cc, bcc 
  • Schedule 
  • Template (Content and design) 
  1. Default follow up email will be triggered one day after the event at 9 AM.  

  1. As a user can schedule the date and time for the follow up email to trigger with custom option. 

Step 3: Once the email will be trigger it will show the message “This email has been sent”. 

Email Analytics

Once the emails are triggered the user can check the step wise delivery overview. 

Three distinct delivery report tabs titled Delivery Report 1, Delivery Report 2, Delivery Report 3