Raise Hand in Webinars

In HBS 3.0 and Webinar platforms utilizing HBS 3.0, organizers now have the capability to enable the Raise Hand feature in sessions during Realtime Live Streaming. This empowers attendees to participate actively and engage with speakers in a live session setting.

With the Raise Hand feature, organizers can collect essential attendee information such as their Name, Organization, Designation, and Session details. As an organizer, you will have access to comprehensive data on raised hands across all events.

The Raise Hand feature enhances interaction and real-time communication between attendees and speakers. It enables attendees to join live sessions and actively participate by raising their hand to ask questions, provide input, or contribute to the discussion.

Organizers can leverage the attendee data captured through the Raise Hand feature for in-depth analysis and insights. By reviewing Multi-event Analytics, Event Analytics, and Session-wise analytics reports, organizers can gain a comprehensive understanding of attendee engagement and preferences during the event.


Steps to enable Raise Hand are as follows:

Step 1: In Dashboard go to Sessions.

Step 2: Select the Session > Go to Engagement > Toggle on Raise Hand.

Note: If the option is not available on the Dashboard please reach out to your CXM.

In a session, the Raise Hand would look as follows to the attendees:


Attendee Raising Hand:

If the attendees wish to connect with the session speakers they can click on Raise Your Hand and click on Proceed when the below prompt is shown:

After clicking a request is sent to the Host/Co-host who can either Accept or Decline the request.

Once the Raise hand request is accepted by the Host/Co-host, the attendee need to give access to Camera and Mic. Click on Accept and Join.

Check the Audio/Video settings, Test the devices and click on Enter Studio.

The Attendee will now join the Live Stream with the Speakers. Once done Attendee can exist the stage by clicking on the Exist icon at the bottom.

The Host/Co-host can remove the Attendee from the stage by clicking on the '-' sign.

The Host/Co-host can see all the Raise Hand Requests by clicking on the Raise Hand Requests on the Right side tab:

The Host/Co-host can accept or decline the requests as needed.

If the request is declined, the attendee will get the below pop-up.

Max 12 people can be added to the stream at a time. If the limit is reached a pop-up shows up informing the Host and the Attendee regarding the same.

Host message:

Attendee message:

Host/Co-host extending invitation to attendees:

Host/Co-host can extend an invitation to the attendees to join the stream from the Attendee section > Click on the '+' option next to the attendee name.

A pop-up asking for confirmation is shown, once the Host/Co-host clicks on Invite a invitation is sent to the attendee.

On the Attendee's end, the below pop-up will appear on the screen asking them the Accept and Join the Stream or Decline if needed.

Raise Hand Analytics:

As an organizer, you will have access to comprehensive data on raised hands across all events.

Steps to access the  Multi Event Analytics are as follows - Multi Event Analytics > Engagement

Organisers will be able to see all Raise hand data across all events here.

Steps to access the Analytics are as follows - Analytics > Engagement Analytics

As an organiser, you have the capability to access specific details regarding raised hands across all sessions within the event.

You have the ability to observe a comprehensive funnel of raised hands and invitations for all sessions in which the raise hand feature was enabled.


Session wise Analytics:

Session wise analytics report can be obtained from: Analytics > Session > Session wise analytics section. An email will be sent to you with tan option to download the session report.


  • The Raise Hand feature is exclusively available in the Realtime Live Stream. Attendees joining from the Delayed Live Stream will not have the option to use the Raise Hand feature during their sessions.
  • In the attendee view, the Host, Co-host(s), and Speaker(s) will not see the Raise Hand option in the Session detail page. This ensures that only attendees in the Realtime Live Stream can utilize this feature.
  • The Raise Hand functionality is not supported in the Mobile web and Mobile app for attendees. Therefore, attendees accessing the event through these platforms will not have access to the Raise Hand feature during their sessions.
  • In the attendee view, panelists will not have the capability to raise their hand or receive invitations to join the studio. Once they leave the studio and join as attendees in interactive live stream mode, they can raise their hands. 
  • Attendees cannot join Backstage however they can join if a guest invite is shared.
  • Raise hand functionality is supported on desktop and tablet devices. However, it is not available on mobile web and app platforms due to the lack of real-time support on mobile devices.
  • Invite guest can be done for one user at a time. If you wish to invite another user, you will need to cancel your previous request before proceeding.
  • The Raise Hand and Invite Guests features will become functional once the stream is live. You can utilize the guest link to invite others before the stream goes live.
  • When a user is in full-screen mode, they will be unable to view the pop-up notifications for invite or raised hand acceptance.
  • An attendee can participate in the interactive live stream from a single browser instance. If they attempt to join from multiple instances, they will be switched to the delayed live stream mode.
  • Attendees will only be able to see an invite request set to them after the session starts.
  • Host/Co-host(s) can only accept the raise hand request after the session has started.