Integrate Your Zoom Account with Hubilo

We have an important update regarding the integration of your Zoom license with Hubilo. Zoom will soon be deprecating the use of JWT tokens and transitioning to Server-to-Server OAuth for this purpose. As a result, the existing process where you shared the JWT token with Hubilo will be modified. Instead of creating a JWT token, you will now be required to generate a Zoom server-to-server OAuth access token. To facilitate this change, we are introducing a new feature on the Hubilo Dashboard, allowing organizers to directly integrate their Zoom ID.

For more detailed information about this change implemented by Zoom, we recommend referring to the following articles:

  1. JWT FAQ: Link to Zoom's JWT FAQ
  2. Server-to-Server OAuth: Link to Zoom's Server-to-Server OAuth Documentation

If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team and/or CXM.

Organiser will need to set up Zoom integration if they are trying to set up a session using Zoom.

Step 1: Select the session > Click on the stream options > Toggle on the stream this session button

Step 2: Select Hubilo Streaming in Stream Source > Select Zoom Meeting

A notification asking to add host licenses for the zoom meeting is shown.

Click on Setup. 

You will be redirected to the Connected Apps page where you can Connect Zoom with Hubilo to host your sessions using Zoom meeting and Zoom webinars.

Click on Setup.

You will be redirected to Set up your Zoom sessions:

If you have a licensed Zoom account, click on “Yes, I have” and you will be directed to step by step guide to setup & complete zoom sessions integration for the specific event:


Create Zoom App:

Steps to create Zoom app are mentioned on the dashboard as shown below:

Once the above steps are created click on “Next”.


Activate your app:

Steps to Activate your app is displayed as shown below:

Once the steps are done, click on “Next”.
The above steps are also available in Zoom website:

Once the app is activated, organiser needs to Generate access token.

Account ID, Client ID and Client Secret are required to generate an access token to access Zoom APIs.

These details are found on your Zoom app dashboard under App Credentials.

Add Account ID, Client ID and Client Secret and click on “Generate Access Token”

Once Access Token is generated, the expiry time will be displayed along with the Token. Organisers can also generate the token anytime.

Click on “Next”



If the S2SOA app is not activated in the Zoom dashboard, attempting to generate an access token will result in an error. 

Once the access token has expired, you will no longer be able to make changes to existing Zoom sessions or create new ones until you regenerate the access token. By default, the access token regeneration process is automated, unless any modifications are made to the Zoom App settings.

Unless you manually make changes to the Zoom App or its configurations, the access token will be automatically regenerated, allowing you to resume making changes and creating new Zoom sessions.


Add & Manage Hosts:

Add Zoom Hosts to map them to your Zoom sessions. 

Organisers can add hosts by adding them to their Zoom licensed account from User Management > Users > Add Users on the Zoom Dashboard.

Once users have been added on Zoom, you can Add Zoom Hosts on the Hubilo Dashboard by clicking on “Add Zoom Hosts”


Enter the first name, last name and email ID along with the number of attendees who will be joining the zoom webinar / meeting.

Click on “Add” and then click on “Finish”.


  • If the Zoom host is already listed in the people section, their name will be automatically selected from the people section when adding them as hosts.
  • If the Zoom host is not listed in the people section, a new user will be created using the name you provide.
  • However, if the Zoom host is not included in the Zoom license, they will be unable to be added as Zoom hosts. It is essential to ensure that the host is added to the Zoom licensed account before attempting to assign them as a host.


Important points:

  • Hosts can be removed by clicking on the Delete button. Click “Remove” on the pop to complete the process.
  • Host who is not mapped to any zoom session in the event can be removed.
  • However if the host is mapped to a zoom session a popup informing that the host cannot be removed as they are being used in a session. 
  • Organiser needs to re-assign another zoom host to the session and then can remove the previous host they wanted to remove.
  • If the access token has expired, the organiser will get a notification when they try to make changes to the session and save it and when they try to import hosts.
  • The access token can be regenerated by clicking on the “Re-generate access token”

  • Once the Access token is regenerated, changes can be made and saved, import and sync updated hosts.
  • If the Access token is invalid then:

Check if there are any errors in the integration settings.

Check the App ID, Client ID and Client Secret.

Check to make sure the integration is not disabled in Integrations > Connected App.

Check the App is activated on Zoom Account.

Check the Client Secret key is not changed from Zoom.


If you have any further questions or require assistance, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team and/or CXM.