Live Session Chats (Delayed - HBS 3.0)


Interactive Live Session Chats (Delayed HBS 3.0)


Hubilo provides an option to share Chats on the live stream during a session, this increases the engagement rate of chats and gets attendees to interact with the engagement options with ease.


Steps to enable/disable Show Chats on Mainstream:

Enabling Show Chats on Stage: The 'Show Chats on Stage' option is checked by default. If the option is available on the dashboard please contact your CXM.

Disabling Show Chats on Stage:

On the Dashboard, in Sessions > Go to a particular session > Go to Engagement > Live Chat > Uncheck 'Show Chat on Stage?' > Click 'Save'.


Panelist can Show Chat on HBS Main Stream:

Step 1: The moderator/speaker for the session will see the option to 'show on stream' ,inside the Hubilo Broadcasting Studio by clicking the 3-dot icon next to a chat modal on the side panel.

Step 2: A pop-up to choose the position of the chat modal will be shown.

The moderator/speaker will be able to drag and preview the position where the chat will be shown on the main stage and place it as per their preference.

On confirming the position, the chat will be displayed on the main stream along with the message.

The panelist can change the position of the Chat modal on the stream by clicking the “Edit” icon when the Chat modal is added to the stream.

Only one Chat can be shown on the stream at a given point in time.

A panelist can override a Chat already shown on stream by themselves or other panelists at any interval of time.

A pop-up will be shown informing them that there is active content already displayed on stage.

If a default position has been checked for a chat, the position confirmation will not be asked again when a current chat is replaced with a new one.

If a chat is replaced by a poll or a Q&A, the position of the same will be confirmed again.


Panelists can interact with the chat reactions when it is shown on the stream & support for GIFs is included.

The chat that is shown on the stream will also be highlighted in the side panel.

The panelist can remove a chat shown on stream by clicking the “X” (cross) icon directly from the main stream or by clicking the 3-dot menu next to the active chat > “Remove from stream” option in the drop-down.


The above steps will be applicable for all the streaming options under Stream source.

Below is an example of a YouTube stream source.


Points to Notes:

  • Interactive Live Session Chat on stream will not be visible in Full Screen or PIP mode on Mobile web and Desktop. It is visible in Theatre Mode. In the mobile app, it will be visible if added to stream by moderator / Speaker.

  • Moderator / Speaker cannot add an Interactive Live Session Chat on stream from mobile web & mobile app as they will not be able to confirm the on-stream position on a mobile screen. Only show on stream for Desktop Web is offered.

  • A moderator can moderate a session from the session listing page as well, but they will only be able to show the engagement module on stream only from the session detail page.

  • It is advised that the video is streamed in 16:9 aspect ratio with Hubilo on the desktop web for the best experience.