Interactive Live Session Polls (Realtime HBS )


Steps to enable/disable Show Polls on Stream:

Enabling Show Polls on Stream: The 'Show Polls on Stage' option is checked by default. If the option is not available on the dashboard please contact your CXM.

Disabling Show Polls on Stream: On the Dashboard, in Sessions > Go to a particular session > Go to Engagement > Polls > Uncheck 'Show Polls on Stage?' > Click 'Save'.


How to use Real Time Polling

Moderator/Speaker can Show Poll on HBS Stream:

Step 1: The moderator/speaker for the session will see the option to 'Show on Stream' on HBS 3.0 Community on clicking the 3-dot icon next to a poll modal on the side panel.





Step 2: Step 2: A pop-up with the poll position is shown:

The moderator/speaker can click on Share Now and display the poll on stream.



On confirming, the poll will be displayed on stream.

Only one Poll can be shown on the stream at a given point in time.

A panelist can override a Poll already shown on stream by themselves or other panelists at any interval of time.

A pop-up will be shown informing them that there is active content already displayed on stream.


The panelist can remove a poll shown on stream by clicking the “X” (cross) icon directly from the stream or by clicking the 3-dot menu next to the active chat > “Remove from Stream” option in the drop-down.



Points to Note:

  • Only the host & speaker can create a poll and show them on the stream.
  • Attendees will be able to vote on it.
  • Poll data will be available in session analytics.
  • If an attendee is using an unsupported browser / device, they might not be able to join the real-time live stream channel. The attendees will be switched to delayed live stream channel automatically.
  • Attendees from tab & desktop will not be able to join real-time live stream channel in unsupported browser conditions. 
  • In real-time sessions, panelists can add to stream when they join via desktop and Ipad only.
  • Show on stream engagement will be visible in default, full Screen and theatre mode. In PIP mode on Mobile web and Desktop the engagement will be displayed as a notification.
  • When an attendee joins the session via mobile app, mobile web.. the stream is always “Delayed live stream”. i.e., any engagement added to the stream will be shown below the video viewport.