UTM code Mapping

The introduction of UTM (Urchin Tracking Module) tracking on event landing pages has revolutionized the way marketers evaluate the effectiveness of their campaigns and determine the return on investment (ROI). This new feature provides event marketers with a streamlined method to track and analyze the impact of various campaigns and mediums on registrations and attendance rates.

Below are the steps to set up UTM mapping on Hubilo Dashboard.

Log in to the Dashboard and select the particular event you wish to set up UTM tracking. 


Step 1: Goto “Registration” and click on UTM Mapping. newdashboard.qatwo.demohubilo.com__hi-res_monitor_.png

Step 2: Click on Create UTM Code and fill in the details on the form

Details to be filled out: 

  • Event URL (Will be captured by default) 
  • Source 
  • Campaign 
  • Medium 
  • UTM Code

Also as per the requirement you can add more parameters by clicking on the option “Add more Parameters” which expands the form to show more parameters, namely: 

  • Name 
  • Term 
  • Content

Once details are filled out, click on “Save”.

Step 3: Once the UTM code has been set up you will be able to view it under “Registration” >> UTM Mapping. 




  1. If the UTM parameters entered are exactly similar to a previously created UTM code, then the user will not be able to save the UTM code.
  2. Limit of 32 characters has been set, if text exceed than the limit. 
    1. Error message: “Only 32 characters allowed“ will be shown. 

How to Edit or Delete the UTM code. 

Once the UTM code has been set up on the Hubilo Dashboard. You will be able to edit and delete the UTM code as per the requirement. 

Step 1: To Edit / Delete  the UTM code, Goto “Registration” >> UTM Mapping >> the list of set up UTM code will be shown. 

Step 2: Select the UTM code you wish to Edit / Delete by clicking on the checkbox. Once clicked, the option to Edit and Delete will be shown. 

Step 3: If you choose the action to Delete the UTM code, Pop up with the confirmation to delete the code will be shown. 



  • Even if a UTM is deleted, Hubilo will track the data if the UTM code is used.
  • If multiple UTMs are selected, then the only option available will be delete
  • If single UTM is selected, then the option available will be edit and delete

How to View UTM tracking flow of the Registrations. 

Once the UTM code has been setup, organizer will be able to view the tracking source of the registration in Hubilo Dashboard >> People section. 

Step 1: Goto “People Section” and click on Customize column. 


Step 2: Once clicked on the “Customize Column” >> Pop up to choose the column will be shown. 

Note: On the left side “Available column” You will be able to select the UTM parameters. Once selected click on “Save and Apply”.

Step 3: View in the “People” List with the customize column.