Enable the session-level check-ins for onsite attendees in a Hybrid event

For your Hybrid event now you can enable your onsite attendees to check-in at the Session level as well and fetch the session attendance data via our on-site partner.


This feature helps the organizer/admin in tracking how many and which on-site attendees attended each session.
It tracks the attendance data for on-site attendees via a partner, in the partner dashboard you can track the attendance details of on-site attendees for each individual session and it helps in tracking how many attendees walked into a session.

Here are the steps to do so:

Step 1: Add the session, once the session is added then go to the basic details of the session, now tick the checkbox to allow on-site attendees to check in for the session

Step 2: Once all the details are filled in, please click "Save" to enable the session-level check-in.


Please note that as soon as the check-box of the session location is selected the session starts reflecting automatically in our partner dashboard, however deselecting the checkbox will not delete the session from the partner automatically.
If any session is deleted from the Hubilo dashboard, then it will be deleted from the partner dashboard.


Once the Onsite attendee check-in feature is enabled then the QR code will be displayed to the on-site attendees to onsite check-in to the session on the web & mobile app.
Please note that the same QR code works for the event Check-in and the session check-in as shown below-

Web - QR Code for event Check-in and the session check-in

Mobile App - QR Code for event Check-in and the session check-in



How does it work for an organizer/admin?

The session-level check-in attendance data will be available on our partner dashboard only.

In our partner dashboard, there is an app called as ScanAttendee app, which can be downloaded from the play store/app store.

The sessions which are created on the partner dashboard via our Hubilo dashboard will appear on that app and you can enable the check-in for desired sessions, and the attendee data also appears on the app under each session.

How does an organizer do the session-level check-in via a partner app?

To do the session-level check-in the event organizer needs to scan the QR code of an attendee, and the on-site Partner’s app will be used by the organizer.


In the Partner's app, go to the scan option and scan the QR code for an Attendee.


On Partner's Dashboard the sessions list appears in Event settings > App Settings > ScanAttendee > Sessions



The Attendance data for each session will also be available. Below is the screenshot of the session-level check-in data in the ScanAttendee app for the reference-


Below are the limitations of session-level check-in version 1


  • Session check-in is available for only open sessions not for the registered sessions, so all those attendees added as onsite attendees in the Event will be able to check in.
    Here in this version, we can not determine which attendees have registered for a session to check in.

  • If the particular session is hidden for certain groups from Hubilo then in this version we can not restrict the session-level check-ins for onsite attendees.