Other Payment Method Flow: Ticket setup, Order status and Pay at the Venue

The organizer can set up different payment methods in the ‘Ticket Settings’ model and can understand the various stage of its order status as well as the Pay at Venue payment method in detail with the help of this article.


How to set up a payment method for a Ticket?

  1. Specify the details of each of the other payment methods that will be visible to the buyer in the ticketing flow.
    Dashboard - Registration - Ticket - Settings - Under other payment methods


  2. The payment methods that are selected by the organizer will be applicable to all the tickets.


  3. The buyer fills selects the ticket & enters the email ID - proceeds to the Summary, buyer info, and Attendee Info screen. After that, the buyer lands on the ‘Payment’ screen.

How to check the other payment order status?


The buyer lands on the ‘Order Status’ screen after sharing the transaction ID + the buyer receives an order status email whose CTA redirects the buyer to the same screen

  1. If the order is approved, the buyer receives the invoice via email, and the order status screen is changed to confirmed.


  2. If the order is disapproved, the buyer receives a disapproval email and the order status screen is changed to failure.

    Note: A payment can be failed due to three reasons (Payment not received, payment details do not match and Tickets have run out)

  3. Orders made via other payment methods will be visible under the ‘Pending' tab of the Orders section (once approved, they will move to the ‘confirmed’ tab).


  4. When the payment order is approved.
    Only when an organizer 'approves' an order made via other payment methods will the following happen:

  1. The buyer will receive the invoice

  2. The attendees will receive the registration and invitation email

  3. The attendees will get added to the People section of the dashboard

  4. In the case of hybrid/in-person events, the attendees will get added to the in-person partner dashboard.

  5. While 'approving' an order made via other payment methods, the organizer will not be allowed to partially approve/disapprove the order.


  • If an order made via other payment methods has any free tickets, such free tickets will only be confirmed post the approval of the order.

  • It is possible that a buyer makes multiple orders without actually paying for them organizer can always disapprove or enable/disable single v multiple buyer transactions from ticket settings.

  • The organizer can change the payment method for an attendee before approving the order.


Pay At venue
The payment method - 'Pay at Venue' has been added to solve the use cases of hybrid / in-person events. Attendees can choose this option to reserve the tickets for the event and can pay later.