Quiz Feature



The organizer can now create custom quizzes for event and sessions basis which the CPE credit can be assigned to the attendees.


There are 2 types of quizzes that can be created :


1) General Quiz- This quiz is linked to the event.

2) Session Quiz- This quiz is linked to the sessions.


Please note that a maximum of 1 quiz can be linked to a session.


In order to create the quiz, please follow the below steps:


Step 1 : Select the "Quiz" option under the "Engagement" tab from the menu.


Step 2: Click on the "Add Quiz" button.


Step 3: Add the Quiz Details. Select the Quiz Type as General/Session from the dropdown and select the group to make the quiz visible for that particular group.


General Quiz :


Session Quiz :


The organizer can select specific groups to whom the quiz should be visible. Also, they can select when the attendee can answer the quiz- anytime during the session or at the end of the session.


Step 4: Click "Save" button.


Step 5: To add the quiz questions, click on the "Questions" tab and fill in the details such as Question, Question Type, Options and Point for correct answer.


The quiz supports 2 types of questions - Checkbox and Radio currently. You can select either of the question types and add the options. Furthermore, please make sure to select the correct answer for each question by clicking on the option.


Once the details are added, then click on the "Add" button to save the details. You can also click on the "Save and add more" button to continue adding more questions to the quiz.



Furthermore, you can edit or delete a quiz question if required.


Audience View

General Quiz: The event quiz button will be visible on top of all pages. On scrolling down it will collapse and on scroll up, it will show again.


Session Quiz: The session quiz is now visible alongside reactions.


To check the responses , you can follow below steps:


Step 1: Go to "Quiz" option under "Engagement" tab.


Step 2: To download the quiz analytics, click on the download button.


To check and download responses for individual quiz click on the number of responses as highlighted below.


You can search, filter or download the detailed quiz responses.