Analytics and Reports - Lead scoring

Lead Score analytics and reports can be obtained by the organisers by going to Analytics > Lead score.


The organiser can see the count of attendees in each lead level.

Organiser can also see the average lead score across all attendees.

For each attendee, the sum of the scores for all the activities will give their lead score.

Each attendee will have two scores - Live lead score and On Demand lead score.

  • Live Lead score: The engagement done during the live session (from start to finish of the session) by the attendee is considered here. This score will be created and locked at the session's end time.

  • On-Demand Lead score: The engagement done during on-demand session (session end time/on-demand session link update to event end time) by the attendee is considered here. The score will be dynamic during the mentioned time.


Here are a few key features of the Lead Score Report:

  1. Comprehensive Attendee Information: The Lead Report provides a comprehensive overview of the attendees, including their names, contact details, lead scores, and lead levels. This consolidated information allows organizers to have a holistic view of the attendees and their engagement.

  2. Filter Capabilities: The Lead Report offers flexible filtering options, enabling organizers to focus on specific segments of attendees based on their live lead level or on-demand lead level. This functionality helps in identifying high-priority leads and understanding their behavior.

  3. Quick Search Functionality: With the search feature, organizers can easily find specific attendees within the report. This saves time and effort by allowing for quick access to individual attendee details.

  4. Downloadable Report: Organizers have the convenience of downloading the Lead Report in a user-friendly format. This downloadable report serves as a valuable resource for further analysis, decision-making, and sharing with stakeholders.

  5. CRM/MAP Integration: The Lead Report supports seamless integration with CRM/MAP systems. This enables organizers to directly export the report to their preferred platforms, enhancing data synchronization and leveraging the attendee data effectively for ongoing marketing and sales activities.