5. Import data from HubSpot to Hubilo

Import registrations from Hubspot to Hubilo:



Import registrations from HubSpot to Hubilo:

By configuring import mappings in Hubilo, you’ll be able to:

  • Collect webinar and event registrations via HubSpot forms as contacts, and send them as registrations to Hubilo
  • Automatically segregate users within Hubilo as per their registration type (Hubilo Groups such as Speakers, Attendee, Booth members, etc.).
  • Import HubSpot custom fields to Hubilo.

Prerequisites for the import of data to Hubilo:

  1. You will need to create custom Workflows in Hubspot to automatically send over Contacts to Hubilo
  2. Custom Workflows are available in the Enterprise and Professional plans
  3. The sync button at the event level need not be enabled for the import to flow through


You can set up the default import settings via the following steps. These settings will be applicable across all new events that are created once these settings are saved:

  1. First Name, Last Name and Email are the mandatory fields for data to be imported to Hubilo and these will be mapped automatically. If any of these fields are not present for a contact in HubSpot, then that contact will not be imported to Hubilo.
  2. You can map additional fields in HubSpot to send them over to Hubilo by clicking on ‘Add Fields’
  3. You can choose to send the invite email to registrations who are imported to Hubilo by enabling the below toggle:
  4. Finally, you can click on ‘Save and continue’ and move towards the export functionality
    Note - if you do not press on ‘Save and continue’ and press ‘Skip’, then import will not work unless it import is saved at an event level.


Note: the above settings will be applied automatically to all events that are created once these settings have been saved (and to already-created upcoming events selected by you). However, you can edit these mappings for a specific event by navigating to the event level integration settings and clicking on ‘Review Settings’:


Setting up a workflow on HubSpot to ensure flow of data from HubSpot to Hubilo:

You will need to ‘Create a workflow’ on Hubspot that is initiated by an Enrollment Trigger. Define a trigger that uses your previously created form as a trigger.

Please refer to this link for more information on the Enrollment Trigger.

Note: Kindly note that you will get an option to create custom Workflows in Hubspot in Enterprise and Professional plans only. If you are on any of these plans then only you can create Workflows and import data to Hubilo.

Set up the workflow in HubSpot using ‘Send Contacts as Registrations’ and start importing data to Hubilo.


Go to Hubspot > Login with your credentials > Select the Automation > Create a Workflow.

  • Hubilo App will be visible in Workflow’s action section for you to use -
  • Hubilo action will have Event and Group name properties for configuration. Here Event name is mandatory and the Group name is optional. If you do not select any value in Group, all the data to be synced with ‘Default Attendee Group’ in Hubilo. Also, the event list will be populated as per Organizer i.e. you will only see events created under your Hubilo account -


Select the Hubilo event Name and Select the Hubilo group name from the Hubspot dashboard as shown in the image above:

  • Setup a workflow by defining the conditions so that when any new Contact is created/updated then send the data to Hubilo. So define the condition 1st for creation or modification.
  • Then go to Actions and select 'Send Contacts to Hubilo' action
    Then select the event to which you want to send the contacts
    For specific groups select the group name (If not selected, everything will be sent as Default Attendee).
  • Then Save the Workflow and come back to Hubilo.
    Now go to an event and start setting up the HubSpot app for the event (CTA - Setup)
  • By default FN (First name), LN (Last Name), and Email will be imported, to import anything additional -> click on add more fields.
  • If you don't have any specific field to import then create custom profile field on Hubilo.

If no additional field mapping is required, then Publish your workflow in HubSpot and data will start to import.


Logs :

You can check the logs from the dashboard for Import and Export for both successful and failed entries.

Kindly go to the Integrations section in the dashboard > Logs > Select Hubspot from the dropdown menu -



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