2. Hubspot Contact Property Creation

Hubspot Contact Property Creation :

Contact properties store information in Hubspot. Contact will be created/updated when data will be exported. You will have to create a contact property in Hubspot only if there isnt a property matching to Hubilo field.

Note : It is recommended to have all the field types as Text in Hubspot.


To view your contact properties :

  • Login to your Hubspot account. Go to Contact properties in Hubspot > Manage properties -


  • Click Create Property -


  • Select 'Contact' as Object type and then select the property group :

  1. Object Type: if creating a property, select the object that will store the property. By default, this is the object you selected earlier. Object type cannot be edited once saved.

  2. Group: select the property group that the property will belong to. A property group is a label used to group similar properties within an object. These are used only within the properties settings.



Add Label and Description -

3. Label/Name: enter a unique name for the property. This is the name of the property as it appears in your HubSpot CRM, including on records and index pages. Since you can edit a property's label, the label should not be used for integrations and APIs. For example, Company name is a property label.


4. Description: enter text to describe the property. This is not mandatory to create a property.



  • Select field type - Single line/Multi line -



  • Set the Property rules as required -



  • Click on Create and your contact property will be saved in Hubspot.


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