1. Hubspot Setup


HubSpot Setup :

The HubSpot integration allows you to import and export registrant & attendee data and activities from Hubilo.

Here’s how the integration can be beneficial:

  1. Export:
    • Export registrations as Contacts to HubSpot
    • Export magic links to HubSpot
    • Export attendee activities such as Watching a Session, Polls Answered, Logged in to the event, etc.
  2. Import:
    • Import contacts as registrations to Hubilo
    • Import standard & custom profile fields of HubSpot to Hubilo

Here are the steps to unlock the HubSpot-Hubilo integration to power your event -


Step 1:

Log in to your Hubilo dashboard account. Click on ‘Integrations’ in the dashboard. Please refer to the image below to navigate to the Integrations tab:



Step 2: 

In the Integrations Tab, the HubSpot card can be found under the ‘Sales & Marketing’ option. Find the HubSpot card and click on the ‘Connect’ button -

Step 3:

Once you click on Connect, you will have to click on Connect Account - 

Step 4:

Once you click on ‘Connect Account’, you will be required to add/create an authentication with Hubilo - 


Step 5:

Once you click on Create, it will redirect to the HubSpot dashboard. Login to HubSpot using your credentials and connect it - 



Step 6:

Now that you have connected your HubSpot account, you must set up the default settings of your HubSpot & Hublio integration. The great part is that you only need to configure these settings once and they will get applied to all your webinars and events that you create after these settings are saved.


Refer to these articles to get your default settings up and running:


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  2. Import data from HubSpot to Hubilo
  3. Export data from Hubilo to HubSpot