Lead Score - Introduction to the feature

Note - Lead Score is a new feature exclusively available only on Webinar Plus.


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Lead Score helps the organizers prioritize the leads based on their likelihood of becoming paying customers. This feature enables organizers to focus their efforts on the most valuable leads, increasing their chances of success.

With Lead Scoring, you can:

  • Automatically score leads based on their activity in the event

  • Easily identify the hottest leads and prioritize follow-up efforts

  • Streamline your sales and marketing processes to close more deals faster

Lead Score data is fully integrated with our CRM/MAP integrations, making it easy for the organizer to use and manage. Organizers can set their own criteria for scoring leads, and the system will automatically update scores as new information becomes available.

Lead Score will revolutionize the way organizers approach event marketing and lead generation.


For each attendee there will be two scores:

  • Live lead score: Will take into account the engagement done during the live session by the attendees (session start-session end time)

  • On-demand lead score: Will take into account the engagement done during the on-demand session by the attendees (session end time-event end time)


How the lead score is calculated for each attendee?

  • For each activity, the activity score will be:

    (max_activity_score / max_rank) * (max_rank - rank+1)



  • if activity is not done then score 0 else above formula

    i) Lead score formula = (max_score / max_rank) * ((max_rank - rank)+1)

  1. where max_score will be 100
  2. max_rank will be based on the ranking of the attendees. Eg: if the ranks are 1,2,3,3,4,5,5,5 for 8 attendees, then max_rank is 5.
  3. rank is the specific attendee’s rank. The breakdown of the lead score on the basis of 9 activities will be provided
  4. Eg: the sum of the activity scores for 3 attendees is 30,50,70 then based on the above formula their lead scores will be 33.3, 66.6, and 100.The breakdown of the lead score on the basis of 9 activities will be provided                                                                                   


  • Where will the feature be added?

    • Organiser Dash>Engagement> Lead Score

    • Organiser Dash>Analytics>Lead Score

  • Where to view the breakdown of the engagement score

    • The breakdown of the lead score on the basis of 6 activities will be provided

    • Two methods of viewing the scores

      • Report generated on our dashboard

      • Activity log exported to CRM/MAP systems

List of activities available to the marketers/organizers and the meaning of each one:

  • Time spent in the session: Total time(live OR on-demand) spent by attendee watching the session
  • Chats in session: Total number of chats posted by the attendee in the session
  • Responds to polls asked in session: Total number of polls answered by the attendee in the session
  • Rates session: The boolean value of whether the attendee rated the session
  • Downloaded files: Number of unique files downloaded by the user
  • Asks questions in session: Total number of questions asked by the attendee in QnA of the session. Anonymous questions cannot be mapped to users and hence will be ignored from the calculation.
  • Clicks on conversion prompt CTA - Clicks on unique conversion prompt. CTAs (multiple clicks on one CTA will be counted as one click only)
  • Raises hand in session - Unique raise hand action by an attendee in a session.
  • Reacts to session - Sum of total reactions by an attendee during a session