Summary of People Analytics view in Hubilo dashboard

Hubilo provides People analytics with many insights into each element which are listed below:


We can track and categorize registrations based on the source channels through which attendees were added to the event. These channels will include our registration landing page, as well as other platforms like Hubspot and Zapier. This data will further be segmented into two categories: virtual attendees, who participated remotely, and onsite attendees, who attended the event in person. With this categorization in place, we can accurately measure attendance rates for each source channel, as well as for each attendee category.


This section provides data extraction based on the group type of attendees. This allows us to identify check-in users and no-show users, as well as the different attendee groups created within the event. For Hybrid and In-person events, we can further segregate attendees into virtual and onsite groups. This level of categorization provides organizers with a comprehensive overview of attendee behaviour and preferences.


Our event management system provides organizers with day-wise registration and attendance data for their events. Organizers can also extract concrete attendance numbers by applying a specific date range within the analytics. This date range can be refined for more specific data analysis, with a maximum range of 30 days. Additionally, attendance data can be segmented into virtual and onsite categories for more granular insights. This level of data granularity enables organizers to track attendance trends, identify peak periods of attendance.


Check Points

This data point provides analytics on the number of attendees who were checked-in and checked-out at various entry points within the onsite event. This data is collected through scanning devices at each entry point, and all data is readily available with attendee details.


Organizers can track attendee movement throughout the event venue, identify peak periods of attendance at specific areas, and make data-driven decisions regarding event layout and logistics. This data granularity also enables organizers to optimize security protocols and manage event capacity.

Multi-event Analytics

Multi-event analytics provide real-time statistical data for all events, empowering organizers to make better decisions.


The Event-wise table displays the number of check-ins per event, while the detailed Excel report includes check-in numbers for each event. Note that check-in numbers will only be available post-event completion.


In the analytics dashboard, total check-ins for all events are displayed as "Checked-in people", with a breakdown of total check-ins in sessions and total leads scanned in booths. Overall, multi-event analytics provide key insights.


To access this feature, simply click on the "Analytics" button at the top

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