Hubilo Product Updates for October 2022!

Hello Organizers! Hope you had an eventful month of October with Hubilo. We are excited to inform you about the new features and enhancements released in October at Hubilo!

  1. Stripe Billing Mechanism on Hubilo (Available with all the plans) :

    Hubilo implemented Stripe Direct Billing Mechanism which will be implemented for all newly created events. (Applicable to events created post-21st September 2022)


    A customer purchases a ticket on the event landing page > The organizer receives the payment in their Stripe connected account > Stripe Fee will be deducted based on Organizer's Stripe account business location > Net amount will be available in the Stripe account.
    (Hubilo won't be charging any platform fee with this mechanism)

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  2. Introducing Watch Party in Hubilo streaming with Enhanced Sessions Layout (Available with all the plans) :

    Imagine being virtually seated at a table at a conference where you can interact and discuss the event with your neighbors. That’s what we’ve built for you with Hubilo’s Enhanced Sessions Layout and Watch Parties! Virtual attendees can now experience engaging event sessions while actively interacting with peers, just like in a real-world, in-person event.

    Note: With effective from date 7th August 2023, this will be available on request basis.
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  3. Add 1-1 accepted meeting to the external calendar (Available with all the plans) :

    Attendees can now add accepted 1:1 meetings to their external calendar similar to the sessions.

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4. Slim Onboarding ( Available with all plans ) :

  • With the improved onboarding user flow, new users can get started on the Hubilo mobile app in just three steps or less and see the progress on completing each step.

  • The simpler user flow reduces the number of steps required for first-time users and provides transparency to the attendees on the data/ information collected by the app and the way it is being used.

5. Floor Map with Deep-linking in Mobile App ( Available for (hybrid) Pro and Enterprise plan ) :

  • Organizers can now upload pdf and image floorplan maps to embedded apps. In-person attendees can view this floor plan on the Hubilo mobile app, zoom in, zoom out and download the map to their mobile devices to access it even with low/no internet connectivity.

  • Additionally, organizers can also deep-link the ExpoFP booths to the floor map. Attendees can click on any booth on the floor map to easily visit and view the specific booth details.

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6. Flexible Navigation Bar in Mobile App ( Available with all plans ) :

  • Organizers now have the flexibility to reorder and control the visibility of event sections in the mobile app. Organizers can set the order of event sections, hide or make certain sections visible, and edit the name and icon of event sections in the app.

  • Further, by default, the bottom navigation bar will now display all the primary sections of the event in the bottom tab and have a dedicated ‘More Option’ for the secondary tabs of the event app.

  • With the enhanced navigation bar in the mobile app, organizers can simplify the user experience for first-time users and make it easy for attendees to discover all the sections of the event.

7. Event creation workflows ( Available for Pro and Enterprise plans (Hybrid/In-person events only ) :

  • Event organizers can choose the format of their event (virtual/ hybrid/ in-person) while creating a new event on Hubilo.

  • Organizers will no longer need to involve the CX team in creating hybrid or in-person events.

  • If the organizer selects an in-person event, it will get automatically created on the in-person partner dashboard.

  • Organizers can now track the number of hybrid events they are conducting and if their event requires a check-in facility.

  • This will save the time and effort of the CX team who needed to manage this from the backend for hybrid/in-person events.

8. Default and custom profile fields in downloadable reports (Available with all plans):

  • You can now select which fields you want to be part of the download reports in the Manage Reports section of Analytics.

  • All the default fields are auto-checked and some of them are mandatory (like First Name, Last Name, Email, and Group) and cannot be unchecked.

  • You can check the custom fields to include them as part of your report. You can also reorder the fields as per your needs.

  • All the reports can be easily exported to any email id directly from the dashboard.

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9. Conditional Profile Fields ( Available with all plans ) :

You can now set up rule-based (conditional) questions to appear during Registration and/or Onboarding at your events. This will ensure relevant questions get asked, providing a smoother registration and onboarding experience.

  • This will enable you to ask more relevant questions to your audience by taking into account their previous response.

  • This will reduce friction/ drop-off during these stages and help you gather relevant information on your audience.

  • You can set up multiple questions under a Profile Field (only for Radio, Checkbox, or Dropdown field types) with one level of parent-child hierarchy.

  • You can easily download all the responses/ data from the People section of your dashboard.

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10. Send an implicit calendar invite :

A lot of times users tend to miss out on adding the events to their calendars(since this is an explicit action) which leads to potential drop-offs
We aim to send calendar invites to all the event participants, they do not have to download any files or click on any button, the calendar invite goes straight into their calendars blocking their date/time for the event(applicable to event invites only)

Dashboard > Settings > General


11. Invite Email Sent Status :


One can watch the invite email sent status for all the users under the People section in the Filter option.


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