Hubilo Product Updates for December and January!

Hello Organizers!

We are excited to announce a new update packed with exciting new features that we think you'll love!

With this update, you'll be able to know more about :


1. Webinar Plus

  • Webinar+ is an all-in-one webinar product that will enable users to build and scale a successful webinar program.
  • It comes with built-in tools and features to help users in pre-webinar promotions (Landing Page Builder, Email Marketing Engine), during-webinar engagement (Enhanced Session, Polls, Q&A, Reactions), post-webinar analytics (Registration, Attendance, Engagement), integrations (HubSpot, Marketo, Eloqua, Salesforce), and so much more.
  • Creating a webinar is much faster with Webinar+, as many of the steps/ options applicable for a virtual event (like Rooms, Lounges, Virtual Booths, Ticketing, etc.) are removed to ensure a simpler event creation flow for the users.
  • Webinar+ also provides a more focused webinar experience for the attendees by simplifying their view while retaining the essential engagement features useful during a webinar.


2. Ticketing Improvements | Available Now | With all plans

  • Users can now limit their buyers/attendees to purchasing only a single type of ticket (in a single purchase order) at their events. This option is disabled by default, once enabled this setting gets reflected on the event landing/registration page.

  • Each ticket purchase attempt is now treated as unique to ensure a more robust ticketing experience for the buyers. [Previously multiple simultaneous ticket purchase attempts by a buyer for different ticket values could have resulted in ticket purchase failing but the buyer getting charged by Stripe].

  • This improvement also takes care of ticket purchases failing but the buyer getting charged by Stripe, due to popup blockers installed at the buyer's end.


3. Email Marketing Engine (In-person) Improvements | Available Now | With Pro and Enterprise plans only

  • Users can now access Email Manager for their fully In-person events (along with Virtual and Hybrid events).

  • They can use both Automated Emails (predefined emails like invites, registration, transaction, etc. which get automatically triggered) and Custom Emails (fully customizable emails that can be scheduled as required to target specific attendee groups). They can also access email analytics and reports.


4. Default Landing Page (SEO) Improvements | Available Now | With all plans

  • With this improvement, the default landing page has been SEO optimized to improve its search performance. This will help users in driving registrations and ticket sales at their events.

  • The lighthouse score of the default landing page is now 96/100. [Score above 90 is desirable and is calculated based on a variety of parameters like website performance, accessibility, SEO, etc].

  • This improvement also reduces the landing page load times by 4x thus ensuring a better registration experience for buyers/ attendees.


5. Landing Page Builder (New Templates) | Available Now | With Pro and Enterprise plans only

  • In addition to 4 templates (Absolute, Enfold, Porto, and Spark) already available on the Landing Page Builder, 5 new templates (Monochrome, Aqua, Future, Forest, and Sky) have been added.

  • This will provide more variety and flexibility to users as they will be able to choose templates best suited for their event format (Webinar, Virtual, Hybrid, or In-person).


6.Maximize event attendance with Implicit Calendar Invites and Calendar Sync

Reminders on calendars are an excellent way to ensure that attendees show up for your event. Attendees can easily avoid conflicting schedules and join sessions of interest. With Hubilo's enhanced 'My Schedule' feature, attendees can sync event schedules to their calendars, and organizers can reduce event drop-offs.

Here is how:

a) Reduce event drop-offs with implicit calendar invites

  • Organizers can now block attendee calendars implicitly without requiring user inputs. Attendees will not miss an important event because they forgot to block time on their calendars.

  • The event invite is automatically added to the attendee's calendar without any action from their side, allowing them to view the event agenda in the calendar.

b) Sync and re-sync 'My Schedule' to attendee calendars

  • Attendees can sync their whole event schedule on Hubilo to their calendars. This includes meetings and agendas added to their schedule. The feature supports all external calendars, such as Google Calendar, Outlook, and Yahoo.

  • By syncing their schedule to their calendar, attendees can block time for key event activities of interest. Attendees can also re-sync their schedules to keep their calendars up-to-date.

  • Attendees can even remove canceled/rejected meetings from their schedules. This option will be available whenever a meeting gets declined or canceled.

Support article

7. Registration Ticket Widget (Scalability) Improvements (Available with all plans)

  • Use the Ticketing/ Registration Widget to embed Ticketing/ Registration forms from your events on Hubilo directly into your website.

  • With this, you can let your visitors register for your event on your Corporate Website or Event Web Pages (they need not visit the Hubilo event landing page to register).

  • This will give you more flexibility and control in managing your event registration. You can easily track various campaigns and promotions you might be running on your website.

  • This will also eliminate any manual work required to move registration data collected at your end to Hubilo.



  • Some features are available with certain subscription plans only. For more information on any particular feature, connect with your CXM/AM.