Speaker Guide For HBS 3.0

Step 1: Log into the event community using the speakers' email addresses. Click on the 'Join as Speaker' button under the Agenda.

Step 2: The system will ask for permission to use the microphone and camera. Click on Allow and continue.


Step 3: A pop-up will show for checking the microphone and the camera and update the Display name before entering the studio. Once everything is checked, click on 'Join'.


Test the devices by clicking on the Test Devices. A pop up will appear and your Camera, Microphone, Audio Output and Server Connection Status will be tested.


By clicking on Setting:

  • You can check quality/change the Video device, Video resolution and Mirror my video.
  • The mic or speaker setting/quality can be checked.
  • Apply a Virtual Background.
  • Find support articles by clicking on Having Issues.
  • Or Raise an Alarm if the issue is still persisting.

Once done with the devices/adding virtual background/selecting the preferred Audio/Video devices, click on Save setting.

Click on Enter Studio and you will be directed to the HBS backstage.

Broadcast Studio:

Once the Speaker joins the session, they will be directed to the backstage automatically and can enable the camera and mic to connect with other backstage panelists/hosts/co-hosts in real time.


Speakers can check the Video settings by going to Setting > Video and change the Camera Device, change the video resolution and Mirror my video. Once the changes are done click Save.

From here the following can be accomplished:

  • The Camera can be turned on/off from here.
  • Change camera device to external camera input.
  • Set a Video Resolution. The maximum resolution supported is 1080p for host and attendee video and up to 1080p for share screen.
  • 640p and 480p can also be selected as resolution.
  • The video resolution is scaled automatically based on the internet bandwidth.
  • Mirror my Video can be used by toggling the option on.
Speaker can check the Audio connectivity by clicking on Setting > Audio and change the Audio Input and Audio Output. Once changes are done click Save.
You can also conduct a Mic test by recording your voice  by clicking on "Click to Record", make a recording for 5sec to max 20sec and listen to it to check if you can hear your own voice. Do an Audio Output test by playing a ringtone.

If you are able to hear your voice, then the Mic is working fine and you can click on "Yes". If not then click on "No".

If you are not able to hear your voice and have selected No, then please check your browser setting and ensure that mic permission is given for the Event community web URL or try another device.

You can check change your Audio Output device from the available option and test the device by clicking on "Play Ringtone" and click "Yes" if you can hear the ringtone. A message "Device is working properly" will pop-up.

You can check your signal strength by clicking on Setting > Connectivity.


The following can be checked/monitored from here:

  • Video Bitrate
  • Audio Bitrate
  • Frame Per Second
  • Video Resolution
  • Internet bandwidth
  • Last-mile network quality

If the issue is not resolved, click on "Raise an alarm"


Virtual Background: 

You can add Virtual Background to your session by clicking on Setting > Virtual Backgrounds.

View a list of BGs defined by the organizer or upload your own.

Tap to select the Virtual Background and preview in the window.


Save changes to apply to the stream.


  • This feature is CPU / GPU intensive, PC might heat up. Keep adequate memory free.
  • Ensure well lit room for best results.
  • Avoid busy background to ensure great masking results.
  • For guest users in HBS 3.0, virtual background can only be applied after joining the studio.

Engagement Option:

The Engagement options are available in the 'Side Panel'.

  • The host and the speakers will be able to manage all the engagement options without having to go to the event platform. Any chats under the General chat option will be seen by the attendees logged in to the event. The host and speakers both can send in chats for the attendees to see.

  • Under Panel Chat, the speakers and host can chat amongst themselves and it will not be visible to the attendees in the event community.



  • Q&A is also available for the session participants.

  • Polls is also available for the session participants. The Speakers can create polls.



  • You can see the list of Attendees attending the Session under the Attendees option.

  • You can also see the Embedded Apps on the side panel.

Upload video on your HBS sessions:

  • You can upload videos in your HBS session from your computer.
  • Upload videos with a maximum 1080p resolution at 30fps for the best streaming experience. You can upload a maximum of 10 videos to play per session.

Format Supported: FLV, MP4, MPEG-TS, MKV, and HLSvideo formats are supported.

Max size: 1GB

Video can be uploaded by any panelists by clicking on Add video. Only the host can control the playback of a video in HBS. (Eg: Upload, Add, Delete, Play, Pause, Loop, Seek etc. )


Select the video to be uploaded by browsing from the videos on the system. Once done click on Save Video.


If the video is not supported, the video will be converted on the back end. Once the video is converted it will appear on the side panel.

Best Practices:

  • Use headphones/earphones to avoid audio echo

  • Use Google Chrome latest version as a preferred web browser

  • Hubilo Broadcasting Studio is supported on desktop/laptop (Mac and Windows). We suggest Speakers avoid joining from mobile/tablets/Ipads/Chromebook/ Microsoft Pro.

  • Allow your camera and mic permissions in the browser

  • Try sharing your browser tab with audio in case you have a video presentation

  • In case you are using a Mac, allow screen recording/sharing permissions from your settings. Click here to know more

  • Turn off any additional memory consuming application on your device

  • Avoid using firewall-protected networks or VPNs and join via an open/home network

  • Make sure to test your device compatibility while joining the studio

  • Ensure you have closed the Attendee view