Setup registration form for the webinar

The registration form can be easily set-up for the event types with the webinar format wherein the ticketing is not required however, enabling the organizer to capture relevant attendee information.

Kindly follow the below steps to setup the form :

Step 1 : Once the event is created, go to Menu > Registrations > Form Fields to create the registration form.


Over here, the fields which we add by default are first name, last name and email. Apart from that, you can add your own custom fields as well. Click on "Add form field" button for the same.


Step 2: You can either create a new custom field or you can select multiple pre-built fields and add to the registration form.


Step 3 : Please make sure that the option "Display this field in registration form" is enabled so that the field is displayed in the registration form. You can further select the "Mandatory" option if required to capture the necessary registration data from the attendees.


Step 4 : If any custom field has to be removed from the form then you can simply disable the "Display this field in registration form" option.


Step 5 : If you want to add back any existing field then you can go to Add form field > select the field/s > Add.


Step 6 : Once the form is successfully created with all the required fields, you can view the same on your landing page.


Notes :

  • The custom fields added in the registration form will also become part of the onboarding form. You can view the fields in the profile fields option of the settings.

Organizer can decide if they want the registration form fields to be visible in the onboarding form. If not required, they can disable the "Display this field in onboarding form" setting.

  • The data captured in the registration form gets populated in the "People" section of the dashboard.

  • The organizer can disable any custom fields in the registration forms if they are not required as mentioned in Step 4. Please note that even if the custom fields are disabled in the registration form, the same will still be visible in the onboarding form. The organizer can further remove those fields by following path menu > settings > profile fields > select the custom field >disable the "Display this field in onboarding form" setting > save.

  • Please make sure to always save your settings after making changes.