Use Zapier to add user to specific user group


Hubilo zapier trigger helps organizers to add data from any 3rd-party registration tool to Hubilo event. 


With Hubilo native zapier trigger you can easily add your user data from any 3rd-party tool to your Hubilo event, these users will be added to the attendee user group (default).




However, there can be certain cases wherein you wish to add users to specific user groups & this can be achieved by using Hubilo's API & Webhook by Zapier trigger. 


In this article, we would be explaining the process of how to add user to a specific user group via zapier integration. 


Step 1: Create your Zapier account & setup a zap


Step 2: Set up the trigger.


Here we have selected 1st trigger as Eventbrite - New Attendee Registered




Step 3: For 2nd action, select - Webhooks by Zapier


In the event select - Custom Request




Step 4: Setup Action - Please select the same values as mentioned below:

  • Method: Post
  • URL:
  • Data Pass-Through?: No-False
  • Data: Copy the following code & paste it 
  • {
    "eventId": 14089,
    "firstName": "First Name",
    "lastName": "Last Name",
    "email": "email id",
    "memberGroupId": [
    "add user group id"
    "isSendInviteeMail": "YES"
  • In the name & email fields - simply select the value_tag from the drop, therefore respective data will be automatically pulled from your registration tool.
  • If you are collecting company names & titles and want to add them to Hubilo, you can add those fields as well. Copy the format of the field from Hubilo API Doc
  • Unflatten: No-False
  • Basic Auth: Leave empty
  • Headers - 1: In first column add - Authorization, in second column add - Bearer (give a space) & then paste the API token from your Hubilo Dashboard > integration > developer.
  • Headers - 2: In first column add - Content-Type, in second column add - application/json






Click on Continue


Step 5: Test Action


Test the zap & check your Hubilo event dashboard for the user data. Once the test data has been received & added to the correct user group - Publish the zap, therefore all your upcoming user data will be automatically added. 




Here's a video for your reference:





  • Zapier account is required & needs to manage by the event organizer
  • Hubilo API token would only be available to Pro & Enterprise Plan users.